SOUTHERN CHARM -- "Barking Up the Wrong Tree House" Episode 604 -- Pictured: (l-r) Danni Baird, Kathryn Dennis -- (Photo by: Paul Cheney/Bravo)

Danni Baird Says It Was “So Stupid And F**cked Up” For Kathryn Dennis To Use Monkey Emoji; Insists Kathryn Is “Not Racist” And Has Learned “Hugely” From Mistakes

Southern Charm is currently giving viewers a season shrouded in controversy. The cast is tackling the beginnings of the Coronavirus pandemic and the height of the Black Lives Matter movement that had a massive impact on society in general. And if you’re weary of either the disease of bacteria or the disease of racism, you’re out of luck because this is what was happening in Southern towns across the US.

The spotlight is on Kathryn Dennis – again. Because she has a knack for stirring things up. In the midst of the BLM wave, Kathryn engaged in a heated exchange with a Black DJ. While attempting to emphasize a point, Kathryn chose to use a monkey emoji in a comment. We all know how that turned out. Now Kathryn’s ride-or-die friend, Danni Baird, is speaking out on Kathryn’s behalf. I guess someone has to do it.

Danni has been around since Season 1 as a friend – the only consistent friend Kathryn has had. Danni supported Kathryn through many dark times. When everyone else positively despised the mom of two, Danni was always defending her.

Now Danni is defending Kathryn again. In May, Kathryn used a monkey emoji in a DM convo with a Black radio host and activist in Charleston. Kathryn advised Tamika Gadsden to stop using her “minority claim” to “harass people” and said she was, “legit what’s wrong with our city.” After she was called out, Kathryn apologized and claimed to be totes oblivious of the fact that monkeys have historically been used to animalize Black people. Maybe you don’t know this if you live in Bulgaria, but you 100% know it if you live in the South.


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Danni claims, despite the glaring nod to racism, Kathryn is not a racist. Entertainment Tonight shared her comments. “What she [Kathryn] did was so stupid and f**ked up.” So she isn’t dabbling in racism, she’s just a big dummy. Hi, Real Life called and wants you to know you can’t be “woke” and let your buddy’s intolerant shit fly.

Danni continued, “I mean, that’s all I would have to tell her. Like, what the f**k were you thinking? What were you thinking? Like, you know better than this. That’s what I would say, in terms of that. I wasn’t mad about that. I mean, I was, but everybody else was going to be able to do that. I didn’t want to make it seem like we were bullying her, you know?” Um, is it bullying someone to tell them they went too far and hold them accountable for doing horrible things? Apparently it wasn’t when they did it to Ashley Jacobs.


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Danni promises that Kathryn has “hugely” learned from her mistakes. Oh clearly. I mean, that was obvious when she shacked up with Thomas Ravenel while her townhouse was being painted. Really learning from all those mistakes. Now Danni wants to make it clear that Kathryn is the total opposite of racist. No racism detected!

“She’s [Kathryn’s] not racist,” Danni declares. “I know that for a fact. I just don’t know what she was thinking. I think she made a really stupid decision and she was a brat. But she’ll tell you that. I mean, she will. She knows that.” Hey, maybe she isn’t racist – but she is a horrible friend. Danni is out here making excuses for this person who has yet to show any loyalty to her. Actually, Kathryn doesn’t seem loyal to anyone but Thomas, so that tracks.


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Maybe next season Kathryn will get another redemption edit, because Bravo loves a comeback arc. But she had her chance. Kathryn has a new man and is hopefully now well-versed in how to avoid offending people of color. Kathryn probably won’t stop spreading rumors and dodging sobriety, but for some reasonDanni will clean up her mess every step of the way.


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