John Pringle Says Madison LeCroy Was “So Mean” And “Brutal” During Argument With Austen Kroll At Beach Party

After so many dull episodes, Southern Charm has picked it up as the season comes to a close. It’s been an interesting one. The internet is swarming with haters for this show. While the series has always been a known problem, this season is particularly eye-opening. For the cast as well. Temperatures are starting to boil over now that some accountability has come into play.

Then there’s the weird love triangle between Madison LeCroyAusten Kroll, and John Pringle. Talk about hot mess express.

John, who has been drooling after Madison since he came on the scene, has had a change of heart recently. He isn’t the only one shaken up after the recently aired argument between Madison and Austen.

In an interview with Decider John revealed, “It was really eye-opening to see the dynamic between Madison and Austen, which was pretty brutal. I’m friends with her. It doesn’t didn’t change how I viewed her. But it changed how I viewed her as how she behaves as a girlfriend, maybe. I just thought she was mean. So it was interesting. But also, that’s kind of where Austen and I started to bond a little bit. I started to see maybe an error in my ways, as far as that whole situation.”


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I mean, straight up telling your “bro” that you’re after his girlfriend was a weird choice, John. But, I’m glad you’re starting to see that maybe you made a mistake…

John added, “It was really windy and there was sand everywhere, and it was hot as can be. So it’s just kind of a sweaty, sandy day full of yelling and finger-pointing. I didn’t necessarily enjoy it all that much. In fact, I really just wanted to get off the island. We were trapped. So like, there’s sand in the food. I mean, it was such a wonderful spread and display, but I think the tent could have been bigger so some people weren’t in the sun, little things like that. But the food was great.” I seriously love that he’s just shitting on a party while he’s supposed to be giving us the juicy details of the fight! Every show needs a petty character. 


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The description continued, “Austen brought us Trop Hop, can’t knock the hustle. I just kind of sat back. I’m not really big into inserting myself. I know I mentioned to Leva [Bonaparte] a couple times like, I think this is aggressive. It’s not been taken very well. But my point was like, I think a point can get lost in a bunch of “Shut the [you know what] up”s. I feel like a point can easily get just completely pushed out and people are just kind of shut down. So, all in all, I’d give that day a C-minus.”

John claimed, “When I got off the boat, I think I ran to my car.”


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