D'Andra Simmons & LeeAnne Locken

D’Andra Simmons Wishes She Handled Things Differently During Feud With LeeAnne Locken; Says She Was In A “Puddle Of Tears At All Times”

Real Housewives of Dallas has gone through quite the change this season. Gone is OG LeeAnne Locken after she was fired for the xenophobic things she said about castmate Kary Brittingham. In is a new housewife, Tiffany Moon, who seems to be holding her own so far. Well, if holding your own means getting thrown into a pool. Plus, seeing all the masks and face shields to accommodate during filming is just kind of weird. I am personally finding it hard to enjoy hard partying with a face shield while I sit at home isolated for the eleventh month. But I digress.

So far, with LeeAnne gone, it definitely seems like a lighter vibe overall. And no one seems lighter than one-time LeeAnne friend now foe, D’Andra Simmons. Who could blame her? All they did was constantly pick at each other over the last few seasons and it wasn’t enjoyable to watch. It was actually kind of grating. But now D’Andra has hit her stride and can reflect on what went wrong with her ex-friend.

D’Andra recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how she’s faring now that she’s not filming with LeeAnne. D’Andra started, “It definitely freed me up. People think I’m angry and severe, and that’s really not who I am. … I get to talk about other things than, you know, LeeAnne and I not getting along, which is great and I think that’s exciting.”

It’s true, the two fought over everything. From who was the “queen bee” of the group, to LeeAnne constantly questioning D’Andra’s bank account. It wasn’t pretty. Of all their fighting, D’Andra admitted, “I think the way I handled some of the situations with LeeAnne, if I look back … I would’ve handled them differently.”

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She continued, “I would’ve come [and said], ‘You hurt my feelings when you talked away the situation with my finances, because I was trying to save my business…’ instead of being so angry, but I was just in a state of shock back then. But you learn throughout this process how to be a better person and my goal was trying to be less reactionary.”

While D’Andra says she still doesn’t have a relationship with LeeAnne, she doesn’t have any ill will towards her. Everyone says that and I personally find it disingenuous but ok, D’Andra. According to D’Andra, “I never negate the contributions that she made to the show. She adds, “She was a very big part of the show, but we do not see eye to eye on several things and I think for me … the social media got so out of hand, that I just can’t go back to a friendship when things were said about me that were complete lies.”

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D’Andra also talked about how all the fighting off screen affected her and said, “It put me in a lot of pain for several years. I was in a puddle of tears at times, ’cause I just couldn’t believe the stuff I was reading. It’s not who I was at all, and it hurt me so much, that it’s hard to — it’s not that I can’t forgive, because I have to forgive. But it’s just, why go back and take a chance?

She concluded, “You know, learn a lesson, and I wish her well. I’m so glad that she and [her husband Rich Emberlin] are happy and she’s got other things she’s doing in her life, just happy for all of her endeavors.” I’m curious to know what those endeavors are now that the show is over. But if I’m being truthful, I really have no desire to find out. Good riddance, LeeAnne. It’s D’Andra’s time now.

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