Austen Kroll Wonders Why Danni Baird Wants To Be A Doormat For Kathryn Dennis

Austen Kroll was extremely vocal on the recent Southern Charm reunion.  Mainly, it was a battle of wits between himself and ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroyCraig Conover was after Madison in a big way, after she supposedly went after his girlfriend Natalie.  But Austen’s outbursts seemed to dominate the stage, and while his target was Madison, Austen had opinions about all the cast conflicts.

One feud of interest this season was between Kathryn Dennis and long-time friend Danni Baird.  After expressing hurt for Kathryn’s silence during her “monkey emoji” situation, Danni found herself looking for an apology for the latter part of the season.  Kathryn was not sympathetic to her friend’s feelings initially, but apparently the two made up after filming wrapped.

Though Austen did not react to this info at the reunion, he expressed his opinion on Danni and Kathryn’s friendship to Andy Cohen on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live.

Andy presented the following question to Austen during the virtual episode.  “Why do you think Danni wants to be Kathryn’s friend so bad?  Seems like she’s her doormat,” he said.


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“Unfortunately, it’s a thing that’s been talked about amongst me and other people for ages,” Austen replied, “right?  Where it just seems like when Kathryn has a problem the person that she talks to, the person that goes consoles her, is Danni.  And it’s like, do you really want to be that.  And uh, I’m just not sure why anyone would want to be that?  Why would that be your role?”

It does bring up if Danni really did want to put some boundaries up with Kathryn.  Perhaps her pep talks from Leva Bonaparte encouraged Danni to stand up for herself.  Would she have acted the same way without them?

Kathryn claimed to have learned a lot of self-awareness this season.  Maybe this bodes well for a more balanced friendship with Danni.  


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