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Kameron Westcott Thinks Brandi Redmond And Stephanie Holloman Trust Her Now Since LeeAnne Locken Left Real Housewives Of Dallas

Real Housewives of Dallas returned without one very formidable Texan. LeeAnne Locken did not come back to the series after calling Kary Brittingham a “Mexican” approximately 40 different times on camera. After being put on blast and re-seated by Brandi Redmond at the last reunion, we won’t see LeeAnne again. But maybe Brandi will have her own seat at this season’s reunion. LeeAnne’s secret detective squad unleashed some unfavorable social media of Brandi’s. She and LeeAnne might have gone to the same school, where not making fun of other people wasn’t part of the lesson plan.

Now Dr. Tiffany Moon is on the scene. I waaaaant to likkkkee herrrrrr buuuut sheeee extendsssss herrrrr wordsssss. Kary is treating Tiff like a sorority pledge for no apparent reason and the jury is still out on whether or not Tiffany will fit in. No one will deny LeeAnne was a dominant figure. Everything was about her and if it wasn’t, she made it about her. Kameron Westcott was usually #TeamLeeAnne in any dispute, which impacted her friendships with Brandi and Stephanie Hollman. But now that LeeAnne has peaced out, will we have a new trifecta?

I would rather have scenes with Kam, Stephanie, and Brandi. If Kam films with Tiffany, it would take approximately one hour for them to have a conversaaaaation, guuuurl. We might have luck on our side though, thanks to LeeAnne taking a hike. It’s fair to say LeeAnne claimed Kam after D’Andra Simmons was marked off her friend list. Having any type of copacetic relationship with LeeAnne was almost impossible due to her amygdala having it’s own agenda.

Kameron hit it off with LeeAnne but always struggled with Brandi and Stephanie. Kammy wasn’t fond of being chased by dildos and hearing about Steph’s multiple bathroom breaks. Brandi and Stephanie also had mutual animosity with LeeAnne, which didn’t exactly bring them closer to Kameron. Does LeeAnne’s absence mean Kammy can finally bridge the gap with the Package Deal?


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Kameron appeared on Watch What Happens Live  and WWHL shared the video on Twitter. Andy Cohen asked Kam if she’s in a “better place” with Brandi and Steph now that LeeAnne isn’t around to guilt people into being her friend. Kam feels they were more open to getting to know her. They all made the conscious decision to move forward and Kam claims they are “really good friends now”.

“Do you think not having LeeAnne around contributed to that,” Andy asked. DUH. Kam replied, “You know people could think that but I think for myself no. But I think for Brandi and Stephanie, they felt they could definitely trust me more.” You mean, without LeeAnne being around and threatening the occasional bodily harm, things are more peaceful? THEY’RE NOT KNIVES, THEY’RE JUST HANDS. Kameron added, “Now that I don’t talk to LeeAnne as much, I think that was a trust issue for them.”


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In all fairness, no one trusted LeeAnne, but she was one hell of an anchor for this show. We’ll have to see if anything happens to Brandi in the wake of her own scandal of ignorance, that I’m sure will be disregarded as a “mistake”. We also have to wait and see if Kary has something tangible against Tiffany. Or is she just being a bitch for fun? Maybe Tiffany isn’t a big fan of over-priced beaded jewelry? While no one will relive constant memories of alleged childhood trauma this season, viewers might be reduced to drinking every time someone says “guuuurl”.


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