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Tamra Judge Doesn’t Think Kelly Dodd Will Get Fired From Real Housewives Of Orange County; Says Kelly “Never Gets Punished For The Things She Does”

Is anyone still enjoying Kelly Dodd these days? While the Real Housewives of Orange County star still has some diehard stans coming to her defense on social media, it’s getting harder to find people who will stand behind her. And while she might have been previously known as a spunky shit-stirrer, she has definitely crossed over into territory that she can’t come back from.

Maybe it was all the controversial comments about the coronavirus. Sure, she tried to apologize. But in true Kelly form, those apologies felt forced, empty and fell flat. Maybe it was wearing a “Drunk Wives Matter” hat to her bridal shower. She apologized for that too but it was more of a justification for doing it in the first place. Then there was the epic declaration at the reunion that she’s Black. Her stunned castmates quickly found out that revelation was from a 23 and Me test and hardly qualified her as Black. Let alone able to claim that she understands or has experienced life as a Black woman.

But the real question is – will Kelly get fired for all of the above actions? Even Kelly is unsure right now. Despite all that, people are skeptical of her removal from the show, probably because it’s taking so long.

Ex-castmate Tamra Judge, a recently fired housewife herself, thinks nothing will be done to Kelly. She recently told Us Weekly, “I will believe that when I see that.”


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Tamra continued,  “I am very confused [about] what Bravo is thinking nowadays and what they think is good TV and who they think is a good cast member. I certainly know that she has rocked the boat many times when I was on the show … but I kind of feel like Kelly’s a tough one and everything just slides off of her. There’s never really been any real punishment for the things that she has done.” I rarely agree with Tamra but in this case, I do think she’s on to something. If Bravo wants to send a message about Kelly’s behavior, they should have done it by now.

Now of course it’s just like Tamra to make this statement all about her. In Tamra’s mind, she shouldn’t have been fired over Kelly because well, Kelly sucks as a person. But both things can be true – that Tamra’s time was up and Kelly’s time will eventually be up. Just for different reasons.


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Kelly has played some defense though. After former cast member Vicki Gunvalson stirred up some rumors, Kelly was quick to take to Twitter. She tweeted, “No I am not fired !!! Contacts [sic] haven’t come out yet ! Vicki stop being a hater.”

But Tamra for one isn’t worried about how her statements will affect her relationship with Kelly in the long run anyway. According to Tamra, “We don’t hang in the same circle, we don’t talk. … If I was on [the show], we probably would’ve made up. The one thing about Kelly and myself is we move on fairly easy. It’s not like we harbor bad feelings and hate and things like that.” Despite all that, Tamra admitted, “There’s a very sweet, nice side [to Kelly] that I really like that I think sometimes she just lets her mouth move too much.”


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Tamra concluded by once again, bringing it back to herself. She said, “I don’t want to see Orange County get canceled. I was a big part of that show being successful and I’m hoping that they can carry that on, whatever that means.” Someone is just dying for her orange back.

I’ve never liked Tamra and I don’t like Kelly. She’s indefensible. So now would be a good time to say “later” to both of them once and for all. Do a cast overhaul for next season and give the fans something we can enjoy again. Bravo, are you listening?


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