Kenya Moore

Before Bravo made reality stars out of people who don’t actually live in reality, the ladies featured on our shows had to pay the bills. Some of them were still on their first faces and first marriages. Quite a few of them were dipping their toes in the world of acting. The women on Real Housewives of Atlanta all come from various entertainment backgrounds and had pretty close encounters with fame.

Kandi Burruss is probably the most successful businesswoman currently on the show. Back in the 90’s Kandi’s group Xscape was a thing, and there was a time when nothing but TLC songs Kandi wrote played on the local radio station. Obviously Cynthia Bailey was one of the first mainstream Black models and opened the door during a time when women of color were not highlighted on magazine covers. And then we have Kenya Moore. Back in the stone ages 1993, Kenya won the Miss America USA title and managed to receive some onset accolades from a VERY famous diva. Spoiler alert, Kenya was terrified of her.

I think it’s fun when a Housewife from her former life pops up in a medium we’re not used to seeing her in. LeeAnne Locken’s heartfelt performance in Miss Congeniality lives rent free in a small corner of my brain forever and I’m sure Candice Bergen is still reeling from sharing the screen with her. RHOA has several ladies with a creative history and Kenya happens to be one of them.

If you were alive in 1995 and a female of a certain age, you probably saw Waiting To Exhale. The film starred actress/singer/LEGEND Whitney Houston. Whitney had a bit of a rep around town and would go on to eventually star on her own reality tv show. But she was an extremely successful and somewhat intimidating force. Kenya had a small role in the movie and reflects on her interactions with Whitney.


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ShowbizCheatsheet has the details. Kenya said the chance to work with someone as iconic as Whitney was major, and I’m sure it was a MOMENT. That said, Kenya admitted she was initially scared of Whitney. Despite her beautiful smile and angelic looks, Whitney would probably cut a bitch. “I was scared, honey I was so scared,” she confessed. Kenya added her impression of Whitney was as someone not to be messed with due to her reputation in the press and confronting women who dared to speak to Bobby Brown. BOBBBAAAAAAAAAY!

Kenya said, “That was when she was all over the papers with Bobby and their issues and stuff and I just did not want that smoke,” she explained. “I was like, ‘I’m not going anywhere out there, I’m staying in my trailer, she is not going to fuss at me, I don’t want her man, I don’t want any part of it.’” If you don’t already know, then you don’t want to know.


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On the bright side, when Kenya met Whitney, the encounter went better than expected. “When I finally got a chance to meet Whitney, she gave me the biggest hug, she was like, ‘We are so proud of you,’”, in reference to Kenya winning the Miss USA title. What’s this? Women supporting women? Women of color supporting other women of color? YES PLEASE! I know Whitney had her… quirks, but it is nice to hear Kenya had a good experience with the star.

Kenya made appearances on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Living Single, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Steve Harvey Show, and Martin. Obviously her most famous role is that of “The One Who Won’t Take Your Shit But Will Definitely Make Sure She Stirs It” on RHOA. She doesn’t have Hollywood to thank for that one, that particular honor goes to Bravo.


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[Photo Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo]