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Life After Lockup Recap: The Truth Will Set You Free

This season of Life After Lockup is taking lies and deception to a whole new level. Shawn has learned the hard way not to trust anyone. Destinie’s on the run with his credit card and at risk of costing him $50,000. At what point do you realize you made a big mistake by trusting this woman? Let’s hope he can finally locate her and ensure she makes it to court on time. If not, this is going to be quite the costly blow to his family’s financial future.

However, nobody from this Life After Lockup season is full of more lies than the duo of Scott & Lindsey. She’s been planning on having her female lover live in their driveway, so they can fornicate behind his bad. If that wasn’t wild enough, Scott evidently has an affinity for prostitutes. Is that why he’s so broke? None of his claims about being wealthy are true whatsoever. In fact, he’s drowning in debt. WHAT A MESS FOLKS!

Andrea & Lamar

Andrea Edwards Life After Lockup

Andrea Edwards is still on a rampage. When is she not though? Anyway, nothing Lamar Jackson’s saying to her is making any difference. She starts going in reference down some back road with Lamar in front of the car. This entire thing is dangerous. This could really end with someone being seriously injured.

Sure, lying is bad. That can’t be disputed. However, the way Andrea behaves a large amount of the time is just as bad. What example is SHE setting for Priscilla? Maybe she should look in the mirror before she comes at Lamar any more.

Tennison opts not to leave with Andrea and says he sides more with Lamar these days. He wants to create a better environment for everyone to live in. It’s not normal that Priscilla is so calm in these chaotic moments. He doesn’t want her to adapt to this kind of lifestyle because that will create so many issues down the line.


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My heart really goes out to these children and the tomfoolery they’re forced to put up with. Andrea & Lamar are the worst parents ever and have no idea how to have a healthy discussion. Every little argument turns into an F-5 tornado of BS. Even Priscilla is pleading with Andrea to stop the fighting. Enough is enough. These kids should not have to be the adults in every situation. Grow up.

Andrea doesn’t want her children to grow up thinking this type of stuff is normal. What’re you going to do to change it? This isn’t something new. There’s a pattern of behavior that we see every single time something goes down. All of the kids know that Andrea’s the one who usually makes everything worse.

Andrea claims she has hopes that she and Lamar will learn how to communicate. Honestly anything is better than this because what’s happening now is chaos. Either step up and act like real parents, or call it quits.

Lacey, Shane, & John

Shane Life After Lockup

Shane’s spending the day golfing with Lacey’s father, so this should be fun. He’s never played before. For some added motivation, her father tells him to imagine John is the ball hell be swinging at.

It doesn’t take long for Shane to forcefully hit the ball and send it driving down the field. I want to do that but with axe throwing. Just imagine the people who wronged me the most on the receiving end of a sharp ass axe.


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Lacey’s feeling some mixed emotions about John being out of prison. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THAT MAN. I don’t know why he’d want to stir the pot and hurt a family like this. He’s literally parked outside of the restaurant she’s having lunch in. That’s next level crazy s**t.

Lacey’s dad decides to tell Shane that John’s out of prison. Not only did he tell him, but he made it obvious Lacey kept it from Shane. What was the point of doing that? Lacey’s daddy is messy. As of now, Lacey doesn’t want to tell Shane anything. WELP! The choice has been made for her. At least John chooses not to

Marcelino & Brittany

Brittany Santiago Life After Lockup

The frantic search for Brittany Santiago’s mother continues, and it’s not looking great. This motel is clearly in one of the sketchiest areas possible. Even Marcelino Santiago is creeped out by being there. To make things worse, it’s also where Brittany spent a lot of her troubled life.

The bed’s still made when they open the room, so her mother never slept in it. Brittany’s panicking because now she has no idea where her mom is. There’s so many places her mom could be right now, and most of them are horrific to think about. Last time this happened, her mother called her from the floor of someone’s closet. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far this time.

Marcelino’s exhausted by the situation, and who can blame him? He’s trying to keep his family together, and this is taking a considerable amount of time and energy. He tries giving Brittany driving directions, but she flips out. Tensions are high because of her missing mother, and it needs to be resolved soon. Brittany feels like the longer it takes, the further her mother’s slipping away.

Two hours later, they still have no leads on her mother’s whereabouts. This is crazy. This is Brittany’s worst nightmare coming to life.


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These two have been out all night searching for Cindy, but she’s nowhere to be found. It’s really dark out, so the odds of something sketchy happening are about to go out. The crime rate skyrockets at night in a place like this.

Marcelino’s surprised by Brittany’s dedication in the search for her mother. When they arrive back to the hotel, the cops show up. It looks like Brittany’s mother is on the ground. This isn’t a good sign. I’m afraid of what they might find when they get closer.

Luckily it’s not her mother. It’s a whole other drug fueled altercation. This is a horrible place for her mom to be in. Finally, her mother shows up to the motel, and Brittany chases after her. THANK GOODNESS her mother is alright. Cindy has a boyfriend that nobody knew about. That’s where she’s been this entire time.

Brittany wants Cindy to come home with her and leave that hotel. I know this isn’t what Marcelino wants, but at least she will be safe at home with them. Her mom admits going out to look for pills, and that’s one of the most honest things she’s said. Spending the night with them is the best first step, and tomorrow is a new day.

Sarah & Michael

Michael Simmons Life After Lockup

Sarah Simmons & Michael Simmons are honestly caught in a never ending argument. Michael’s feeling like Sarah’s allowing their issues to affect his relationship with the girls. What a copout. This man is the biggest deadbeat we’ve ever seen, so that’s a load of hot garbage.

Sarah wants more thanks and recognition for what she’s done, but he isn’t having it. All we ever hear from Michael are loads of excuses for his sh***y parenting. Every word out of his mouth is a lie.


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He’s created an entire alternate version of events in his head. Sarah’s holding things down with his children, and he wants to make it seem like she’s the villain. F**K THAT.

Michael says he wants Sarah to take the girls back. That’s really all we needed to hear. This is his MO. He wants to pop in and out. It’s not even worth it for Sarah to fight him anymore. He’s never going to change. I think we’ve learned that after all of these Life After Lockup seasons.

Scott & Lindsey

Scott Life After Lockup

Scott’s finally home to see Lindsey’s destruction firsthand. He has no clue what a firestorm he started by keeping so many secrets from her. Buckley up buddy!

Scott tries to talk to Lindsey when he gets home, but she immediately says, “f**k you”. She has spoken. That’s about all he’s going to get from her right now. He decides to go out back and leave her be for the time being. He says this type of behavior is why she’ll probably end up back in prison at some point.

These two are both cuckoo for cocoa puffs. There’s no way they can have a functional relationship with behavior like this. It’s not conducive to a healthy home. She carves “f**k you” into his desk because it’s safer than doing it to his body. That was nice of her. There’s a heart somewhere deep down in there. Good to know.

All she’s trying to do is elicit some type of emotional reaction, but he’s giving her nothing. On another note, her shirt is actually giving me so much life I’m immortal now. “Thick Thighs x Thin Patience” is officially my new favorite saying ever.

Lindsey finally goes outside and asks Scott if he’s been with prostitutes recently. Here we go! The cat’s out of the bag, and she’s MENTIONING IT ALL. Scott might want to choose his next words carefully because Lindsey’s as unhinged as they came.


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Scott denies recently using an escort service, but he has done it in the past. Scott’s office is totally destroyed, but he’s trying not to get angry over everything. He also denies being broke. Honestly, he never expected it to go down like this or to get exposed in this way. He’s internally panicking. However, Lindsey is way too insane to try to reason with, so he should just be quiet.

Lindsey chucks the book at Scott’s face, but she doesn’t tell him what page the alleged quote is on. At first when I heard about the book, I thought it might be real. After this interaction though, she’s full of it. There’s no chance that quote exists. She’s just as much of a liar as Scott is.

Before storming away, she lets him know the relationship is over. To add salt into the wound, she tells him she’ll likely be f**king someone else in his bed by the weekend. A pissed off Lindsey is low key terrifying. Remind me to never get on her bad side. Let’s hope she never reads this!

Shawn & Destinie

Destinie Life After Lockup

Destinie’s mother stops by her sister’s house, so that’s another family member keeping Shawn in the dark. Does anyone out there care about the amount of money he has on the line? It’s so crazy to me how each it is for some people to use and con.

Destinie’s freaking out about the chances of ending up back in prison after her court date. What she doesn’t know though is that her estranged fiancé Shawn is also going to be there. Not only does he have a lot of money at stake, but he’s coming with many questions for her. The multiple Facebook accounts with different men is a great place to start.

Shawn calls Destinie while she’s with her mother, but she declines the call. She has no desire to talk to him. According to her, everything’s a nightmare compared to how he portrayed their future. Destinie’s keeping her options open and not so sold on Shawn anymore.


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Destinie’s relationship with her mother is in a much better place than it was growing up. At least her mom’s acknowledging the mistakes of the past. Some people can never own up to what they’ve done. Look at Brittany’s mother! It’s awful to learn the sexual abuse Destinie endured at the hands of her uncle. She thinks all of those suppressed feelings have led her to her current life of crime. Damn.

To Destinie, court brings her back to the darkest time of her life. It takes her to when her uncle was on trial for raping her. It kind of makes sense why she’d never want to step foot in another courtroom. If she can face this final charge though, it could end up being the last time she has to go. She can turn her life around if she puts in the work.


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