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Gizelle Bryant Says Mary Cosby “Needs To Go To Rehab” And Figure Out That She Married A Black Guy; Porsha Williams Wants More Mary On Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, But Gizelle Disagrees

Before Real Housewives of Salt Lake City even started airing, we all knew that Mary Cosby married her step-grandfather, Robert Cosby Sr. We were all under the impression (because she told us) that her grandmother asked her to do so.

Mary became a First Lady of their church in addition to inheriting some restaurants, more homes than she can count, Chanel bags (that may or may not make her happy), and a bunch of throne-like chairs. Well, I don’t know if she inherited the chairs or if she just bought them with that church/restaurant money, but I’m just looking for a plausible explanation for her decor. The more Mary that I see, the more fascinated I am by her. In contrast, Real Housewives of Potomac star Gizelle Bryant doesn’t feel that way. She wants less Mary on Season 2.

During an episode of Bravo’s Chat Room, Gizelle told Porsha Williams and Hannah Berner, “We also need to talk about all of Mary’s revelations. Y’all it was a lot. Let’s watch.”

Then they played a reunion clip of Andy Cohen telling Mary, “You prefer white guys? I mean, you’re married to a Black guy.” In response, Mary said, “Well, he’s white,” which incited an “oh, bitch” from Porsha as she watched.


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Andy asked, ” Is there a will from your grandmother saying that she wanted you to marry her husband?” Mary answered, “No.” When Andy asked, “She told Robert as well,” Mary said, “No. We prayed about it for two years.” Wait. What? This marriage was a result of prayer?

After that, Andy got a bit invasive, asking, “And are you physical?” This was when Mary went on the most bizarre rant, explaining, “You can’t go through a marriage for 22 years and be happy. Like, every single Chanel that he’s gotten for me, I’m happy. We’re happy.” No, I didn’t cut any sentences out of that. She just went from saying she can’t be happy to Chanel bags make her happy. Someone, please, make it make sense.


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Gizelle wanted to know if Mary was happy “because of the Chanel bags.” Porsha mocked Mary, saying, “I’m so rich. He buys me Chanel.” Meanwhile, we were treated to a montage of all the Chanel bags Dennis McKinley bought for Porsha earlier this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Porsha said, “There’s a lot to unpack.” That’s when Gizelle asked, “Where do we begin?” Then, she shared, “I mean, first of all, Mary, Imma need for you to go to rehab. And I don’t even know what the rehab is [for]. Just go. First of all, your husband’s a black man. Period. OK?”


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Porsha cheered her on, saying, “Yes! Yes!” Gizelle continued, “Is he light-skinned? Yes.I’m a Black woman. He is a Black man. And know who you married. Let’s go there, OK?”

“Yes, and I agree with all of that,” Porsha said. OK, but what does Mary “need rehab” for? Please explain.

Porsha continued, “Let’s also agree that you told us that your grandma told you to marry him before she died and that your mom was jealous because your grandmother wanted you to. No, we at the reunion, and you prayed to God and he told you to marry your grand daddy?” I had the same thoughts, girl. None of it lines up and we all have receipts to explain why we were all under the same impression (Mary’s comments on the show).

Hannah remembered that she was a cast member on this show and interjected, “Don’t blame God on this.”


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Gizelle said, “You wanted the money, so you decided to give your mother the Heisman so that you could sneak in and marry Richard Sr. Or Robert. Whatever his name is.”

Hannah added, “There [are] more rich men out there besides the one your grandma’s was with. There’s a lot of rich men out there. I just can’t wait. I hope that if there’s another season that Mary’s in the forefront. We need to peel those layers and understand what’s going on. I’m excited.

“Yes. You have hit it on the head. We need more Mary, OK,” Porsha said. And that’s when Gizelle said, “I don’t need more Mary unless she figured out who she married. And it’s a Black man. And, I’m like otherwise,  I don’t need more Mary. I really don’t.”

“Very valid point,” Hannah told Gizelle.


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Considering the large impact Mary had on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City when she only filmed scenes in her closet at home, there’s no way we are going to get “less” Mary for Season 2.  Sorry, Gizelle. more Mary is definitely happening.


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