Jennifer Aydin Defends Teresa Giudice Siding With Joe Giudice In Argument With Joe And Melissa Gorga

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- "Clearing the Heir" Episode 1011 -- Pictured: Jennifer Aydin -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Off our screens but still in the drama. Joe Giudice is definitely still a topic on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Things are clearly not well between Joey and the Gorgas. Like, it’s getting bad. But can someone tell me why would Melissa Gorga or even Joe Gorga give a shit? I’m not exactly sure who would be trying to impress this felonious meatball. His life has been nothing but embarrassing pretty much since the moment he hit our screens.

There is a teased fight this season between Teresa GiudiceJoe Gorga, and Melissa. It seems Teresa is now picking the side of her EX-husband. The guy who lives across an ocean and essentially brought her down the prison path with him. Strange, considering her own infamous “stick with your blood” comments to her brother in the early years.  Choices were made.

Jennifer Aydin, who can’t seem to understand many of Tre’s argumentative tactics this season, has spoken to Us Weekly about the upcoming family drama.  About Teresa and her ex- Joe she boasted, “They have an amazing relationship. There’s no animosity there.” For a woman who can hold a grudge like nothing else, Teresa sure does let this man slide. Maybe finding her soul-mate has erased all her memories of this fiasco of a partnership.

Jennifer revealed, “They look like they have a mutual respect for each other and I feel like everything’s good.” She continued, “This is the father of her children. We can’t negate the years that they’ve been together. I feel like out of respect for her children and out of respect for the relationship that they had, she should defend him if she feels the need to.” Uh. Okay.


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Are we really supposed to side with Teresa? A woman who has spread false rumors about several other long-standing couples. Usually couples with their own children. Like really. She legit just came for Jackie Goldschneider’s kids’ father for no reason. Yet when it’s time for her to both stick with her blood and take what she’s been dishing, it’s a no? I don’t get it.

Jennifer went on to explain,  “I mean, she’s not going to sit here and praise Joe when he does something wrong, but if there is a situation where he deserves to be defended, I feel like it should come from Teresa.”

That’s, like, a no-brainer to me.” I know she just set me up for a no-brain comment, but it honestly feels cruel at this point.


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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]