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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: The Curious Case Of Brandi’s Paranoia

Whatever friendship D’Andra Simmons & Kary Brittingham once had seems long gone. This season of The Real Housewives of Dallas has focused a lot on their falling out. The definition of friendship is clearly understood differently by these two women. With the women on vacation in Austin, it should be a fabulous time. However, instead, it’s anything but relaxing.

It’s a birthday trip for Kary, but D’Andra is fed up with her antics. Kary’s decision to eavesdrop outside of D’Andra’s door might’ve been the worst mistake she’s ever made. If you go looking for trouble, eventually you’ll find it. She got exactly what she was asking for by listening in. She was hoping to hear some juicy gossip, and she got a full dose directed at her. Will D’Andra even stay on the trip now that they’re on the outs more than ever?

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary can’t take anymore of D’Andra, so she gets up from the dinner to make a drink. Who is she to be talking? She’s making every event this season about coming for her “friend”. She’s been attacking D’Andra at every chance she got. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Once Kary leaves the table, Kameron Westcott confronts Tiffany Moon about how she’s always correcting them. It’s so difficult not to correct Kameron though. She’s always mispronouncing things or using the wrong word. That would drive me bonkers.

Stephanie Hollman’s issue with Tiffany holds a bit more weight. Setting up a curfew for the women before the come to her home. Giving them a laundry list of rules to follow. Tricking everyone into eating crickets. Those are not the actions of a gracious host. They’re the actions of someone trying too hard, and nobody want to hangout with someone like that.

Not only that, but Tiffany’s constant bragging about her home rubbed them the wrong way as well. I know Tiffany’s rich and has a lot to show off, but it was a little too much. Nobody wants to come hangout and hear about how great your toilet is. We get it, you and your husband make coin. Noted.

Tiffany sees things differently because rules are everything to her. They set the stage for her to know what to expect when she comes to someone’s home. I’m not exactly sure why Stephanie is riding so hard for Kameron though. These two have NEVER really seen eye to eye. I guess the enemy of her enemy is now her friend.

Kameron doesn’t want to be talked down to by Tiffany. I don’t think Tiffany even realizes she’s being rude to others when she does it. Correcting people like she does is ingrained in who she is. Something like that is so hard to get someone to shed. Good luck Kam.

Instead of taking what they’re saying for what it is, Tiffany’s getting highly defensive and shouting. That’s not going to make them like her any better. She’s having a tough time fitting into this group, and she’s making it worse for herself.

Kameron Westcott D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra took off and let Tiffany to the WOLVES. These women are picking apart everything about her. Tiffany’s trying to apologize, but Kameron doesn’t think it’s genuine. It’s hard to tell whether it is or not. She might just be trying to say what they want to hear so everyone gets off her jock. Nobody wants to sit at the dinner table and be constantly berated by a group of women.

Jeremy Lock wants D’Andra to play nice with the ladies, but she doesn’t want to go back out there. It’s embarrassing to reenter somewhere that you storm out of. It might be best to let it simmer for the evening and tackle the issues fresh the following day.

Brandi Redmond shows up outside with her giant blowup doll which lightens the mood a little. The Austin trip’s been heavy from the moment it began, so any humor is welcome. I don’t usually find Brandi’s style to be funny, but in this instance it’s needed.

Kameron decides to go into the house to check on D’Andra. She doesn’t want her to be isolated from the group which is a nice sentiment. Kameron explains the issue between Kary & D’Andra boils down to differing communication styles. Neither of them want to be the one to give though.

As grating as I find Kary to be, it does come across like D’Andra is a self involved friend. To not know that you’re friend is going through issues with her children is weird to me. Are your conversations really that surface level? If you can’t get down to the deepest layers of your friends, it’s not a real friendship.

D’Andra decides to stay another night, and she agrees to talk to Kary in the morning. I think that’s the right call. If they were ever really true friends to begin with, this is a hurdle they can get over. A friendship that’s built to last can withstand something like this.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

The next morning most of the women are hungover but especially Kary & Brandi. They partied well into the wee hours of the morning, and they even shattered a vase. Now THAT is how you party like it’s 1999 or whatever it is that Kary’s always shouting when she’s smashed.

Kameron lets Kary know that D’Andra is willing to be the bigger person and talk to her. Meanwhile, D’Andra is trying to find her inner peaceful dove with some meditation. The work with her shaman is allegedly making her less reactionary. So far I personally haven’t witnessed this newfound calmness, but you do you girl.

The group is doing a hula hoop exercise, but it’s so awkward to watch. Kameron’s doing the best which surprises me. Having good hip actions doesn’t strike me as something I’d ever associate with her. Tiffany makes a comment about not knowing giraffes could hula hoop, and that’s just rude. I have a very close friend who is self conscious about her height and has been hurt by giraffe comments like that. Not cool.

D’Andra tells Tiffany she knows she and Kary need to talk and try and find their friendship again. I can’t even focus on that because the amount of pills D’Andra has would put Lisa Rinna to shame. Why does she have to take so much? She brought an entire mobile pharmacy with her to Austin.

Tiffany’s blown away by the amount of things D’Andra takes. As someone who has seen both the western and eastern side of medicine, D’Andra still takes the cake for her. Who actually believes that “manifesting spray” is going to do anything? Girl, STOP acting like THAT.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

The group is going on a boat ride, and it immediately makes Tiffany feel a bit sick. She wants to take from Zofran and get rid of her nausea or else this is going to be the water ride from hell.

On the bus ride to Austin, Brandi saved the day and gave everyone some Zofran. She’s doing the same on the boat, so they should all be grateful for that. It must be hell to not be able to go on the water like that without feeling sick. I’ve never experienced that type of reaction from it, so I can’t understand how to affects them.

The pill they took on the bus just dissolved under the tongue. However, this pill is taking a different way. It’s a different one than the previous pill. No big deal. Right? WRONG. Brandi starts getting emotionally because she felt like Tiffany was implying she was giving everyone “something else”.

You have got to be kidding me. Tiffany’s wholly blindsided by this accusation because it came out of NOWHERE. Brandi just reached for a galaxy far far away to pull out this one. Stephanie thinks it stems from Brandi not wanting to ever offend Tiffany, and that’s why she said that. It had the opposite effect though because by Brandi making that statement to Tiffany, SHE was being offensive. She was insinuating something that felt entirely pulled out of her ass.

Everyone wants Kary & D’Andra to hash out their issues and talk, so Brandi’s playing group therapist. Brandi has them tell the other one what they love about each other. Kary says they have a relationship where they’re able to be real with each other and cites all of their fun memories. According to Kary, D’Andra is still special to her.

D’Andra tells Kary she loves her because she’s the sister she never had. At the end of the day she still views her as family. D’Andra breaks down talking about all of this, so it feels like we have made progress. Who would’ve thought Brandi would be the person to bring these two together?

Tiffany explains to D’Andra & Kameron about how she is being judged at work since the pandemic. As a Chinese doctor it must be horrible to have people unjustly associate you in a negative light with the virus. Just because it originated in China doesn’t give people the right to start spreading hate and unnecessary judgements. It’s vile.

Brandi talks to Kary about being uncomfortable being around Tiffany at times. Let me just say that its not Tiffany’s responsible to make Brandi feel more comfortable around her or to educate her. Brandi’s taking this to a level it doesn’t need to go to.

Kary urges Brandi to take these concerns directly to Tiffany and see what she has to say about it. That has the potential to backfire in so many different ways. The potential for disaster here is at DEFCON 1.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

The women always prank Kameron on the cast trips. It’s just something they’ve always done because she gives the most hilarious reactions. This time however, Kameron is turning the tables. She’s bringing some Texas Chainsaw Massacre. These ladies are going to s**t their pants when some guy runs up on them with a chainsaw. I’m here for every second of it.

Kameron sets the stage for the practical joke with a scary story, and it’s SO CREEPY. Once Brandi tells her story about hearing phantom screams, Kameron keeps repeating her code word “frightening”, but the scare actor isn’t doing his job. It’s so awkward. How many times will she have to repeat the word for this man to come in with this chainsaw? Finally he comes running in and they’re all scared s**tless. Some of the women actually lose control of their bodily functions. Queen Kam for the win.

Kary finally gets to tell D’Andra what’s going on with her daughter Oliva involving her mental health. It’s so great seeing them get to speak about this. This shifts to what’s going on with D’Andra and her brother which instantly makes D’Andra cry. She still hasn’t heard back from him which is tough to handle. You can’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, and that’s agonizing.

Tiffany Moon D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

It was nice seeing Tiffany, Stephanie, & Kameron bond during their hike. Stephanie & Kameron are going through a lot of the same life issues right now, so they’re really connecting. Both are at the point where they want more decision making power and freedom in their marriages. Seeing their evolution since they both came on the show has been inspiring to watch. I feel like it happens often in Housewives where the wives finally find their voice and want a seat at the table. LOVE IT.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Tiffany wants to cut back on her time away from her family. The schedule she has for her career as a doctor is overwhelming. She’s experiencing massive mom guilt of the lack of time she’s able to spend with them. Hopefully, she’s able to cut back at least one day and do the things she’s been missing out on.

At dinner, Brandi kicks things off by asking Tiffany if she’s uncomfortable around her. There’s so much paranoia emanating from Brandi since the racist video. Tiffany tells her she never thought Brandi did anything intentionally racist. Good for Tiffany for handling this situation with grace. HOWEVER, it’s not Tiffany’s duty to constantly coddle Brandi and validate her feelings. She doesn’t have to go out of her way to make Brandi comfortable. F**k ALLLLLLLL of that.

Brandi keeps saying she’s holding back around Tiffany. What does that even mean? Does she want to be able to make “impressions” like she made in the video still? I don’t get what she’s even asking. Tiffany asks Brandi what she thinks of her, and the episode ends. DO NOT LEAVE ME ON A CLIFFHANGER LIKE THAT!


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