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Margaret Josephs Says She Holds Husband Joe Benigno Accountable For Starting Drama On Real Housewives Of New Jersey This Season

Oh what a tangled web these house-husbands on Real Housewives of New Jersey weave. The Jersey men are so dedicated to their women they almost always end up dragged into a fight (or pool) at some point. Season 11 is no different. Thus far most plot points have centered around Evan Goldschneider’s rumored affair at the gym after Teresa Giudice spread that gossip all over a birthday party! While the women have done their “best” to bring Teresa and Jackie Goldschneider back together, it seems their dudes have other ideas.

Margaret Joseph’s husband had a little too much confidence juice at the recently aired poker night. The usually tame Joe Benigno transformed into a full blown gossip and started sharing even more incriminating info about Evan and Jackie’s marriage. On camera, to all the other husbands, he revealed that he has heard the same cheating rumors about Evan from the young women who work with Marge. Super yikes.

Yet to be seen this season is a beach trip including all the women, their husbands, and their combined drama. In the trailer, argument upon argument is teased. There’s even a glimpse of Margaret losing it on Joe B. She screams, “You’ve started a f**king s**tstorm. You f**king dragged us into this, you f**king idiot!” But really, what was he thinking!?

Before the episode aired of Joe totally selling himself and Marge out, Margaret sat down with Entertainment Tonight and revealed, “The men are worse than the women are as far as I’m concerned, with their gossip.” She added, “They have loose lips, they drink — and my husband is not always eloquent and says the right things when he’s drinking — and he says some things that he doesn’t mean.” Things he doesn’t mean? Or things he doesn’t mean to say out loud?


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Margaret continued the defense of her hubby saying, “It doesn’t come across right, it’s misinterpreted, and I tell him all the time, do not speak out of turn when you’re drunk.” Oopsie!

Margaret didn’t totally defend Joe either. She admitted,”He caused a very big problem and hurt some people along the way. I will hold anybody’s feet to the fire, even my own family members and my beloved Joe, and I held his feet to the fire and it was not pretty.” Well, not only does he probably deserve it, I cannot wait to see this go down.

At the time of this interview, Marge wouldn’t reveal who the drama Joe caused was about. By now, I think we all know it’s Jackie. In the interview Marge also shared, “Jackie has a rough season.” Isn’t that the truth….


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