Margaret Josephs Reacts To Danielle Staub’s Claims That Margaret Was Source Of Rumor That Evan Goldschneider Cheats On Jackie Goldschneider

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY -- "Reunion" -- Pictured: Margaret Josephs -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Who had a solid Jackie Goldschneider story line on their season 11 Real Housewives of New Jersey bingo card this year? No seriously. Any of you? I think we can all agree that Teresa Giudice’s brilliant plan to blatantly gossip about Jackie and Evan Goldschneider on camera has  massively backfired. She’s essentially cemented Jackie into the season, so long as she’s willing to stick it out and film. Some people think a producer actually gave Teresa this story for this exact drama to play out. Others are saying Tre was willing to believe stray Insta-DMs, and that’s why she didn’t want to admit her source. I happen to think she just forgot how the last 15 years of Housewives have worked and made up a lie. Maybe it’s a combination of all three?

In any event, it’s time we address one major elephant in the room! Margaret Joseph’s husband, Joe Benigno, admitted that he has heard the same rumor! He went so far as to list the women working in his house with The Marge “every day” as the source. This was peak cringe and possibly even incriminating.

Besides the fact that Joe B revealed he and Marge know all about the rumors, Danielle Staub is working overtime too. For women who hate each other, these two can’t seem to keep their spaceEntertainment Tonight has shared Danielle’s ongoing plan to basically take Marge down as the rumor starter from the outside. She has apparently been going live on Instagram every week to provide her own commentary. That is some overly interested angry fan energy if I’ve ever seen it.

In her episode 2 tirade Danielle offered her own theory on the argument between Tre and Jackie. She seemed to question why Marge’s house was chosen as neutral territory for the women to hash out their intentions. In her rant she taunted, “Oh my god, Margaret, you know this came from her.” Do we?


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Danielle continued her mocking, “Look at how she’s chewing her food — I guarantee it. That’s why Margaret’s pacing in the background, that’s what’s going on right now, guys. Now I figured it out. Margaret’s always underneath it, behind it. That’s why they filmed at her house, ‘cause she’s the source.” Is eating food in your own house suspicious for some reason? What about wanting to be in another room while two people hash out their personal differences? Make it make sense.

Margaret responded to Danielle’s ongoing personal interest in her life saying, “I think it’s sad and desperate to hang on to something that was never hers.” Margie also seemed to laugh saying, “How funny is that?” because she can’t even see Danielle’s comments after being blocked months ago. Not like you need to see Danielle’s chaos to know it exists. Marge added, “I mean, she’ll throw any s**t at the wall and make it stick. She’s insane. Yeah, I think my face was obvious — I was the source of the rumor? When Teresa said it, I mean, I was in shock.”


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