Tinsley Mortimer’s Friends Say Scott Kluth Used Her Fame To Promote His Business And He “Blindsided” Her With Public Breakup Announcement

All Tinsley Mortimer really ever talked about throughout her time on the Real Housewives of New York was her dream happily ever after. The husband, the kids, the house — she wanted it all and seemed to finally found it with Scott Kluth. 

It seemed like the perfect reality TV love story — the two were introduced on the show by none other than Carole Radziwell. She ditched the show to move to Chicago to be with him and start her life. However, while Tinsley was more ready than ever, apparently Scott still wasn’t emotionally mature enough to settle down with a literal princess. And last week, he apparently dumped her for good. Ouch.

While Scott released a statement announcing the breakup, a close friend of Tinsley‘s told Page Six that the RHONY star’s head is spinning.

“He has a fear of commitment,” the friend told Page Six. “He never had it in him to follow through with his promise to marry her. And he used her celebrity to promote his coupon company.” Honestly, based on his shady demeanor on RHONY, this sounds about right.

In the story (which definitely doesn’t sound like it was planted by Tins herself *wink wink*), the source goes on to say Scott “tortured” her with their constant break-ups and make-ups.


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“But when he proposed, she believed he meant it. She left her career, she left her livelihood, she left her home and suddenly he’s back to his old tricks again and called off the engagement,” the “friend” said. And to be fair, anytime a man gives a successful woman an ultimatum that requires her to uproot her life, that’s pretty much a big red flag.

Scott, who apparently hates the spotlight and doesn’t even have an Instagram, was the first to run to the press and gush about the end of their relationship. Hmm, why is a guy who hates the limelight talking to the tabloids? He claimed that the two had ended their relationship and were living independently for “months.” But her friend calls B.S.


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“She didn’t want this,” the source said. They added that the two weren’t living apart, but were traveling a lot in the past few months. Apparently, the RHONY it-girl was “blindsided” by the breakup, which is no surprise considering how much she was banking on Scott being her happily ever after.

Scott proposed to Tinsley at the end of 2019, but they claimed to postpone wedding plans because of the COVID-19 pandemic. How convenient for the coupon king, who had borrowed time to not follow through on a lifelong commitment he made to a woman he apparently “loved.”


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Even though Tinsley can be a little emotional at times, she’s really the perfect package. She’s beautiful, accomplished and faithful to a fault. It’s time for Tins to find a real prince charming and maybe return to RHONY to do so. We know Sonja Morgan and Luann de Lesseps know plenty of men to hook her up with. And hey, at least Dorinda Medley won’t be there to terrorize her the entire time.


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