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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: Mommy Dearests

On last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas, D’Andra Simmons was out of control on a level we’ve never seen before. Alcohol was flowing freely, and so were tense family emotions. Momma Dee Simmons didn’t think twice before spilling an alleged secret about D’Andra. According to Dee, D’Andra strategically changed her last name to Simmons so it would take her further in life. That’s quite the bold accusation.

We’ve seen Tiffany Moon struggle to fit in all season with the group. On top of that, her work stress level has been an all time high. She’s also finding it difficult to manage all of that while also trying to be the best mother possible. With a lightened work schedule greenlit by her supervisor, she has one final task ahead of her. Tiffany has to break the news about this career shift to her mother. This could come across as a massive insult to her. Let’s dive in!

Tiffany Moon D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra & Kary Brittingham visit Tiffany at her home, and another party is on the horizon. Tiffany’s inviting all of the women to a Hawaiian luau themed event. Is this the season of themed parties? I feel like this event has had more themed parties than any in Housewives history. Every episode is some lavish themed event.

It’s still troubling D’Andra the way Brandi Redmond questioned her Christianity because of her work with the shaman. That was one of the most out of left field things I’ve ever seen. Brandi is continuously painting an ignorant picture of herself this season. I don’t see how she’s going to be able to return for another after this display.

Brandi’s past with mediums and psychics makes D’Andra question why SHE is coming for her. It makes no sense whatsoever. The battles Brandi’s choosing to fight this season are so questionable. She’s becoming the most insufferable cast member.

The other drama from the party stemmed from D’Andra and her own mother. D’Andra stands by the fact that she did not change her last name to further herself in Dallas. This rift is putting these two back into a dark place after all the work they’ve put in. The more things change, the more they stay the same I guess.

Tiffany & Kary are jealous of D’Andra’s relationship with her mother which is a startling observation. They don’t have great relationships with their own, so they live vicariously through D’Andra. That’s not exactly goals though. Dee frequently treats D’Andra like garbage and repeatedly has made her look stupid on the show.

Tiffany Moon Real Housewives Of Dallas

Stephanie Hollman’s locker room is finally ready, and she’s excited to show Brandi & Travis Hollman. Nobody has seen the end result yet, but she’s proud of her work. This is the type of feel good content that we need in times like this though. Seeing someone give back to a community that needs it is something I want to see more of moving forward.

The locker room is beautiful beyond belief. Stephanie and her team did an incredible job making this school’s dream come true. After being ravaged by multiple massive floods, this is something that should inject some spirit back into their school.

Stephanie thanks Travis for letting her follow through with this, and he commends what she did. It must be nice to hear that validation from him. She’s spent so long feeling like she didn’t have a purpose beyond wife and mother, but she’s finally found her niche. Good for her!

Tiffany’s gearing up to spill the tea to her mom about cutting back at work. She’s anticipating a few jabs directed her way as a result of this career move. After everything her mother did for her, she might find this to be insulting.

Sometimes Tiffany feels more like an investment than a daughter which is painful to hear. No child should ever grow up thinking that about their place in the world. To Tiffany’s surprise, her mother is supportive and on board for the cut in her hours. After that, she tells her down the road, she should ask her boss for TWO DAYS OFF. Well this went in a direction completely unexpected.

Tiffany really is juggling a schedule most people couldn’t even fathom. I don’t know how she does it. No matter what move she makes, some facet of her left is going to be neglected. That must be rough.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra is seeking an apology from Momma Dee, but she shouldn’t hold her breath. The way her mom effortlessly dragged her at Tiffany’s birthday was a reflection on how she really is. However this time D’Andra’s sober, so things might go smoother than before.

D’Andra says she’s not an opportunistic person and says she felt embarrassed. It’s quite a hit to someone’s reputation if that’s what people start thinking about them. I understand the last name did help D’Andra professionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only reason she did it.

The name change is something that caused a lot of friction in her family. This is part of the rift that currently exists between she and her brother. When her father died, the name changed played a key role in the estate reading. Maybe there wouldn’t have been two wills if she never made that decision. We will likely never know the answer.

D’Andra’s harbored much guilt over the years over the name change. She feels as if it’s her fault that there’s been so much tension since her father’s passing. It’s easy to accept the blame like that, but everyone plays a role in things like that. She did what she thought was best for her life at that time. If her stepfather was the more consistent male presence in her life, she made the best move for her.

Momma Dee tears up talking about how much she deeply loves and cares for D’Andra. She doesn’t want there to be any regrets about their relationship when it’s all said and done. D’Andra doesn’t have a lot of family in her life, so making things right with her mother is of the utmost importance.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary loves having all of her children in the same city. The pandemic has been horrible for so many people, but there are some bright lights in all of the darkness. This is bonding time this family needed. With all of Olivia’s struggles with mental health, it’s more important than ever to come together as a unified family.

Kary tells both of her daughters about the current status of her relationship with her mother. They’ve never had a close relationship, but Kary’s started communicating with her recently. She noticed parallels between her mother’s divorce and her own. Also, the fight with D’Andra and Momma Dee opened her eyes to how important it is to patch things up.

She doesn’t want any of her kids to put up walls because of what she’s done. It’s great that this family is having open and honest dialogue about the real issues they’re facing. I started this season loathing Kary and wanting her off the show, but I’m starting to soften my stance a little. It’s a situation, but I can’t help it!

Jen David Tiffany Moon Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Thankfully Tiffany’s party isn’t taking place at her own home. They can actually let loose and have fun without dealing with her endless list of rules and regulations. Nobody wants to deal with the fun police when they’re trying to relax and have a good time.

Stephanie doesn’t have high hopes about the party because of what happened last time. I understand that. If anyone EVER slipped crickets in my pizza, I’d lose it. That’s such a violation. Hostess rule number one should be not to force your guests to eat bugs!

Brandi still hasn’t spoken to D’Andra since questioning her commitment to her faith. To Brandi, it raised a red flag because a lot of the shaman stuff mirrored actions of the devil. Okay Karen.

I appreciate the level of extra in Tiffany to have leis flown in from Hawaii. My ass would be at the local party city searching the clearance rack for some expired flowers. True story.

It’s crazy that Kameron Westcott has never seen a bill in her life. She knows nothing about any of the utilities which doesn’t surprise me, but it’s weird. She wants to be in the loop about everything in her household yet doesn’t know how to be the electric company” Something is wrong with that picture.

The topic of Tiffany’s party comes up and D’Andra & Brandi are forced to hash out their issues. D’Andra’s feelings were hurt because it feels hypocritical coming from Brandi. It’s alright for Brandi to speak to ghosts and spirits, but D’Andra can’t meditate? GTFOH. Brandi is the last person that should be judging people right now.

Brandi isn’t a “practicing” medium, so that shouldn’t apply. She thinks D’Andra could’ve handled this in a more mature way. I’m sure that’s true, but I also think that Brandi should learn to keep her mouth shut. She triggered this entire exchanged by randomly coming at D’Andra for going against God or whatever her babbling was about.


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