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D’Andra Simmons “Can’t Relate” To Kameron Westcott Letting Her Husband Manage Family Finances; Kameron Is “Confused” Since Momma Dee Simmons Gave D’Andra “Checks On Camera”

D’Andra Simmons‘ finances are none of my business, but I have always been pretty perplexed by her financial situation. I remember when LeeAnne Locken said she had $200 in her bank account and Brandi Redmond got D’Andra a necklace she wanted but didn’t (or couldn’t?) buy at the time.

We’ve seen D’Andra ask her mom Momma Dee Simmons to cut back her money received from their company. We’ve seen a lot of confusing conversations between them about their company and family finances. This season. D’Andra talked about the drama behind her late father’s second will and how the money she received put her at odds with some family members. It’s all so confusing to me (and again, none of my business), but it seems like D’Andra and her company are doing much better these days.

During the most recent episode, Kameron Westcott admitted that she doesn’t pay her family’s bills and is not in the loop about the costs her husband Court Westcott pays every month. D’Andra was confused by that. Yeah, she probably should know more about her own family’s finances. However, she’s not the only person in the world whose partner runs the finances for their family. And, I mean, at least she was being honest. And funny. Kameron always cracks me up.

During the episode, D’Andra threw some shade at Kameron on Twitter. She wrote, “I can’t relate to Kam not knowing which bills are being mailed to the house! As a businesswoman and someone who takes pride in being financially responsible, I track all of my expenses!”


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Umm, D’Andra, I see your point. However, considering how much criticism you’ve received about your family finances, I expected you not to shame another person about her money. Also, no one asked you to relate. People relate to your story. Others relate to Kameron’s. Both scenarios are totally fine.

Kameron clapped back, “I totally understand why you can’t relate…forgot when we went shopping in LA you dropped 30K just on clothes you told me. That’s totally financially responsible right? Zany face #tellthemgirl #atleastImhonest #noshame.” Damn.


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D’Andra replied, “I pay my bills, know what I budget, and know what I can spend. Woman tipping hand Not really seeing your point.” Well, I didn’t see the point of you shaming Kameron on Twitter. There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home mom. It’s great that D’Andra is a woman running a company. Both of those statements are true and can co-exist.

A fan asked Kam, “Didn’t she say her mom paid for her cleaning person?” Kam responded, “Her mom also gave her checks on camera too? I’m just confused?Face with monocle #rhod #dontshameothers.”

Pot, meet kettle. Truthfully, they’re both shaming each other to some extent, but D’Andra was the one who started this clap back fest.


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