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Jen Shah Claims She Does Not Abuse Her Staff Following Leaked Audio

Jen Shah. Where to begin? The evolution of this Housewife has been…a lot. Personally, I thought her antics were completely put on for the camera.  At least viewers were safe on the other side of the screen, making her brand of mayhem a little more enjoyable. Many fans had it with her towards the end of the season, however, when Whitney Rose drunkenly gave Jen some bummer news at Sharrieff Shah’s birthday party. That’s when the tables pretty much turned for any Jen stans left.  Jen ended up smashing a glass and creating a scene. After that, she blamed Whitney for her own dysregulation and resulting marital issues.

Then there was the scene where Jen is confronted in a mountain-side tub by Heather Gay and ends of splashing literal bathwater all over the camera-person. When asked why she yelled “that’s what happens when you f***ing film me in the f***ing bathtub!” That really happened. And it was actually her real behavior.

Since filming has wrapped, Jen’s mood swings have been on full blast. Audio leaked of her berating her reunion dress designer, Koa Johnson, and her “Shah Squad.” Some quotes from the tirade include, “I’m like ready to f*ckin – you know we’re gonna put on boxing gloves and I’m gonna beat the sh*t out of you in like two seconds. That’s how pissed off, hurt, upset I am!” After that, she said, “How many fucking hands do you need? You got four fucking [people]….how many more people do you need to do one fucking thing? One thing!…I’m gonna beat the shit outta you in like two seconds.” Charming.

Since the audio has leaked Andy Cohen has confirmed that this is the real Jen. He holds these recordings as proof that Jen is not “putting it on” for the cameras. Meanwhile, Jen has sent a cease and desist to the valiant Instagram accounts sharing the audio with the world. While she’s hoping everyone else will keep her words out of their mouth, Jen has recently added her own two-cents about the debacle.


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In an Instagram live video caught by Reality Blurb Jen is claiming she does not verbally abuse her staff. On a Sunday, from a pool (look out if you’re a nearby camera-person!), she filmed herself live. Fans filled the feed with questions about the recently leaked audio. She replied saying, “I don’t abuse my staff.” She also admonished her followers saying, “You guys really shouldn’t believe all those things that are out there. It’s kind of funny, right?” Is she saying people shouldn’t believe the words coming directly from her own mouth? I’m confused.

Jen had a friend in the pool with her too who added, “She does not abuse her staff.” WELL NOW I’M CONVINCED!


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The live continued to get more and more questions about the incident with Koa until Jen redirected, “I won’t even get started because this is supposed to [be] our relaxation — I’m not gonna get worked up today. It’s Sunday, right?” She added, “This [person calling me out], like, come on! I’ve had staff members with me for like 12 years. It’s, you know, people that were here for a different reason, [who] were trying to just…” and then she was cut-off by her supportive friend who said “bring it back to Sunday.”

If Jen really has some twisted version of this story wherein it makes sense for her to tell paid staff she’ll “beat the shit out of them”, she can keep it. I’m sure no one is holding their breath for an apology, either. Is it possible she will fade into the archives of Housewives past?


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