David Beador’s Wife Finds Shannon Beador’s Baby Gift After Denying Receiving One; Lesley Beador Threatens To Expose Shannon’s Secrets

We’ve truly seen Shannon Beador’s nasty divorce with David Beador play out from beginning to end on the Real Housewives of Orange County. It started with, of course, THE AFFAIR, which led to a few seasons full of couples counseling. They reconciled with a vow renewal, which fans know is the kiss of death to reality TV marriages. Then they called it quits, went back and forth in court and David has moved one. And recently, he welcomed a baby with his new wife, Lesley Cook Beador. 

And if you thought David and Shannon’s interactions were toxic, the RHOC member’s feud with her ex’s new wife is a whole other ballgame. Most recently, they’ve been fighting about a baby gift, a la #bunnygate from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. 

The gist is that Shannon says she gave Lesley a gift and Lesley said that’s a lie. Shannon doubled down, saying that Lesley herself was the liar. Now, in a series of strange events played out on Lesley’s Instagram story, the truth has been revealed. Well, sort of.

First, Lesley posted a screenshot of a headline regarding the gift drama, calling out Shannon, according to Page Six. “I declined a gift like my husband wrote you a check for $1,400,00.00 like you claimed on an episode,” Lesley wrote. “If you did send a gift I’m guessing it was a bunny at this point.” OK so this definitely means that despite her disputes with Shannon, Lesley is a fan of some housewives — namely, Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards. 

The caption continued with Lesley asking Shannon to leave her alone. “The horrible things I could share about you & I choose not to. Please stop harassing me on your platforms.” It’s fair that Shannon probably shouldn’t be blabbing to the press about her ex’s new woman. However, Lesley has taken a few shots at Shannon on social media before, so her hands aren’t totally clean in this situation.


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After that, Lesley posted a screenshot of a headline about Shannon wanting an Apple Watch for Christmas and decided to take another shot at her. “Funny how we bought her an Apple Watch for Christmas and she didn’t share that on her platforms.” Lesley apparently learned some shade when watching RHOBH.

Then, in an even weirder turn of events, Lesley posted a video of her OPENING SHANNON’S GIFT. Apparently it just “appeared” at her house. “I came home to this today so apparently I did not decline a gift,” Lesley said. “Not really sure what’s going on but there’s a gift here. Let’s set the record straight.”


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Lesley continued to open the gift and card from Shannon, which contained a doll and two books. “Apparently I didn’t decline this gift after all … I need an aspirin.” And I need a drink what is even happening here? Is Lesley just claiming the gift “showed up” because she didn’t want to admit her lies?

Or did David accidentally throw it in a closet without her knowing and caused this drama between his two baby mamas while absentmindedly munching on chips? Maybe she’s vying for Shannon’s spot on RHOC and showing her ability to cause drama. Who knows. Hopefully, it’s not her attempt at getting her hands on an orange. That would mean David and his naked selfies in the woods would be on our TVs yet again. And nobody needs that.


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And who even knows if Shannon will be back on the next season of RHOC. Andy Cohen says Bravo is taking their sweet time deciding the show’s next move.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]