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Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah Regrets Gossiping About Meredith Marks’ Marriage; Hints Whitney Rose Is A “Pot Stirrer”

While Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has given us many interesting personalities, Jen Shah is the most extra of the bunch. Jen lives in the Shah chalet, wields a bedazzled microphone, and roller-skates in her house. RHOSLC co-star Whitney Rose made the mistake of interrupting Jen at the surprise birthday party that she had planned for her husband, Sharrieff Shah.

Whitney has impeccable timing, so she told Jen that Mary Cosby said that Meredith Marks and Lisa Barlow were afraid of Jen. Jen handled the situation with grace and dignity. Who am I kidding? Jen flipped out, threw a glass, and exited the party early.

While some may argue that Jen’s over-the-top antics are just for the Bravo cameras, Heather Gay has confirmed that Jen is being her authentic self. Wow. During the most recent episode, the Salt Lake City ladies hit Las Vegas. Jen took Heather for a luxurious private shopping experience. After she had already forgiven Whitney, Jen once again raged at Heather about Whitney’s behavior.

Meredith, who is a successful jewelry designer, is not thrilled with Jen. RHOSLC viewers were surprised to learn that Meredith and her husband, Seth Marks, were secretly separated during filming. The couple had, in fact, separated repeatedly over the years, and sometimes even dated other people. In August 2019, Seth even filed for divorce, but withdrew the petition in December 2019.


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In a recent episode of the show, Meredith and Seth reunited and decided to go all-in on their marriage. But the problem was, Jen had already told Whitney that Meredith and Seth were secretly separated.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jen discussed her feelings about taking part in the rumors about Meredith’s marriage.  Jen stated, “I care about her and her family. When you have a good friend — and at the time, I didn’t know Meredith that well, right? I just met [her] and I just happened to be somewhere where I was like, hey, this is kind of weird… I didn’t know her,” Jen said.


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“My really good friend then calls me the next day: ‘Hey, how was it?’ It was great. I don’t know, there’s this one weird thing,” Jen remarked. “This was mentioned months, months, months before filming. I didn’t even know if we were going to be filming … [and] that conversation then made its way into TV land, and the ladies were talking about it and then it gets blamed on me — which I do take the blame for,” the RHOSL star explained. “I shouldn’t have engaged at all in any conversation.”

Before the season debuted, Whitney called out Lisa as the biggest pot-stirrer behind the scenes. But Jen has a different opinion, and it looks like she is nominating Whitney. Shocking, right? “I think you guys are starting to see who’s stirring the pot. I just come out and I, basically, I’m just serving the dish, OK?” Jen shared. “If I just come out and I’m like, ‘here you go people’ I’m not — I don’t really have time to do the behind-the-scenes stirring the pot.” That’s because Jen is busy screaming at her co-stars, confronting them, and storming off.


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