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Jen Shah Says Meredith Marks Wasn’t “Authentic Or Real” During First Season Of Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City

How do we feel about the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s first season? The snow-topped mountains, meeting a fresh cast of women, and developing a new appreciation for blenders. It was nice to gain insight on what it’s like to live in a community where the Mormon majority is high but the moral majority is questionable.

Jen Shah was labeled a break out star. She has the attitude, the drama, and the shoes. Jen did relatively well in her first season. She didn’t shy away from detailing family issues. She definitely didn’t shy away from confrontation. And she wasn’t afraid of showing a vulnerable side to her often brash personality. But according to Jen, not all of the women were as authentic. Now Jen shares her thoughts on who wasn’t sharing their truths, and who might be a different person when cameras are down.

Meredith Marks, who still isn’t Lisa Barlow, had an interesting freshman season as well. Meredith and Lisa may seem similar, but Meredith’s personality is very… chill, while Lisa tends to look like she has a pulse. She allowed her strained relationship with her husband Seth Marks to be filmed and she’s also responsible for giving us Brooks Marks and his one attempt at athleisure fashion. Can’t thank you enough for that, Meredith…

Meredith also developed a relationship with Jen. We all remember Jen stopping by Meredith’s shack at the beginning of the season. Meredith’s two fully grown children were there to visit and Jen was there to party. During one of Jen’s dramatic fun moments, Brooks claimed he needed eyeball bleach after Jen ALLEGEDLY flashed her lady parts in his direction. Brooks then lead a one person protest against female genitalia and Jen was shocked at the drama. Recently, Jen told Entertainment Tonight about the fallout from #vaginagate and how maybe Meredith could use a lesson in being more authentic with her life.


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Jen said, “Like Meredith, I know she wasn’t being as authentic or real. She’s definitely trying to brand herself and her family in a specific way, which is fine, but Meredith is actually a lot of fun when the cameras were off, you know? Like, she can be very fun.” I’m not sure I ever saw Meredith having actual “fun” this season, but perhaps I left the room for a moment. Jen isn’t the only one questioning Meredith’s motives, fans thought perhaps Meredith’s marriage issues were more fiction than fact.

Then Jen touched on Brooks requiring a Silkwood shower after maybe seeing the kitty. She says she was “shocked to see a fun night in with Meredith and her kids, Brooks and Chloe [Marks], turned into drama.” After making some dirty jokes and doing a couple of high kicks, Brooks asked Mommy to un-invite Jen from a sleepover planned for the next day. Because Jen’s vadge made Brooks “uncomfortable”. I mean, Brooks’ unattractive sweat suit made me uncomfortable but I lived. Brooksy received some backlash but Mommy Meredith promised there was “more to the story” after viewers accused Brooks of putting more effort into hating Jen’s body than he did on his fashion line. We’re still waiting for the big reveal. Also, is “sleepover” code for something else? Asking for a friend.


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Jen quips, “Where’s the lost and found box? Where’s the lost and found box?! I’m looking for a lost vagina.” She added, “There is more to the story, but it only makes my point even more. Vagina-gate will be resolved at the reunion.” Oh dear lord does this mean Brooks will be at the reunion? Is this a warning? Hopefully we’ll get some mysteries solved. Did Seth and Meredith reconcile? Will Mary Cosby seek treatment for her fear of fluorescent lighting in convenience stores? Will Brooks finally go back to school? I can’t wait to find out.


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