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Real Housewives Of Dallas Recap: It’s A Bigfoot Situation

The last time we saw The Real Housewives of Dallas, D’Andra Simmons & Brandi Redmond’s feud threatened to ruin their trip. D’Andra speaking to the press about Brandi’s racism scandal shouldn’t have triggered such a reaction from everyone. Why wouldn’t she comment on it? If she didn’t say anything at all, that could’ve had a negative impact on her. Not only that, but D’Andra said NOTHING negative about Brandi. Girl, bye.

It’s been awhile since Kary Brittingham got herself into trouble with someone in the group. Given that they’re about to head off on another vacation, will Tequila Kary cause another situation? The word bully might be too harsh, but sometimes that’s exactly how it feels with her. She doesn’t know when enough is enough. She pushes and pushes until someone can’t take it anymore. Will that happen yet again on this trip?

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Why is everyone coming so hard at D’Andra for speaking to the press? She didn’t make any disparaging comments about Brandi. Nothing she said was bad. Why is everyone choosing to die on this hill for Brandi?

All of this drama stems from Brandi’s insecurity about HER OWN actions. All season, it’s like everyone has to coddle her fragile emotions. SHE is the one who made the racist video. SHE alone is responsible for the fallout of those actions. Stop putting it on everyone else!

D’Andra wants to know what the best way to support Brandi is. However, Brandi starts crying and says D’Andra should know who she is and give her grace. It’s not odd that D’Andra spoke about this. It’s almost more bizarre that Brandi is so shocked that they’d be asked questions about it. She’s put everyone in this uncomfortable spot because of her reckless mouth.

Brandi agrees to forgive D’Andra, but f**k ALLLLLL of that. D’Andra was channeling her inner peace in this moment, but I was rooting for her to lose her mind. Brandi might be against using a shaman, but she owes him big time right now. If not for the shaman, D’Andra might’ve snatched the ginger cheerleader bald.

Kameron Westcott tells the ladies that they’re closing on her dream home! She was so distraught about the idea of potentially not living there. It’s also great that Court Westcott stepped up and finally clued Kameron in about the status of the sale. He was keeping her out of the loop for far too long. Show your wife some respect.

Brandi driving the RV is a terrifying concept to me. She’s so reckless in her everyday life that I wouldn’t trust her with a machine that large. No way! I think Tiffany is the only person I’d trust with my life in this group. She is a doctor after all.

D’Andra is the next to drive, and she says she’s comfortable to do it. I can’t believe the women are actually driving themselves. Can’t the procure someone more qualified to take the wheel? D’Andra is somehow even worse than Brandi at driving and things are flying all over the RV. I need her to slowly give up the reigns and step away from the driver’s seat.

Stephanie Hollman keeps going on and on about bigfoot, and I think it’ll be such a let down. Usually whatever she finds to be funny, isn’t. I wouldn’t hate seeing some of the women get terrified by the idea of sasquatch coming to make a meal out of them though.

Kameron Westcott Real Housewives Of Dallas

The cabin they’re staying at is so beautiful, but Kameron keeps complaining. I think it’s a hell of a lot more luxurious than whatever I did camping as a child. This is glamping. Let’s be honest about that. There’s nothing about this trip that’s “roughing it”.

To decide who is rooming together, Stephanie arranges for the women to play a game. They each drop one shoe in a potato sack, and whoever someone draws is her roommate. In a hilariously dramatic turn of events, b& D’Andra are chosen to room with one another. There’s no escaping their troubles this time. They’re in such close quarters that it would be almost MORE awkward to avoid their recent rift.

Kary starts complaining because they have to transport their own luggage. Talk about a first world rich people problem. Holy s**t. This is a CAMPING trip in the midwest. What was she expecting?

Brandi’s hopeful that she and D’Andra can move past their issues and have a deeper relationship. There’s no chance that’s going to happen. If anything it’s going to get worse. Brandi’s insentience on acting like a professional victim is going to cause this friendship to permanently disintegrate.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

While the women are sitting around the fire, Kameron stands up and starts SCREAMING. Does she think bigfoot is already making an appearance? Is Safari Barbie about to meet her biggest threat yet? Someone explain why Kameron has to always be so extra.

Obviously it’s not the actual bigfoot, but it IS Charles the bigfoot expert. None of the women believe bigfoot is actually real, so this is a wasted effort by Stephanie. I’m entirely captivated by Charles and his story though. I am all ears for anything that Forest Santa has to say.

Most of the ladies challenge Charles and all of his stories. Kary however really combats him because of how passionate he is about killing turkeys. She’s not for that at all. The ladies all embark on a bigfoot hunt into the deep woods with Charles, but there’s nothing to be found.

I personally think bigfoot is probably real on some level, but I don’t believe Charles specifically. Despite being the most skeptical, Kary is the most terrified during their trek in the woods. Also, Kary prancing around with a machete in the woods is also going to give me nightmares. She’s too much of a wildcard to have a weapon flailing around in her hands.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Kary won’t let go of her issue with Charles and his hunting tactics. She keeps calling him out for not letting the animals he kills have a level playing field. In addition to that, the language she’s using toward him is vulgar and inappropriate. This man is a guest of Stephanie’s, and Kary’s going out of her way to act like a disrespectful ass.

Stephanie tries to tell Kary she’s being rude, but it’s like talking to a solid brick wall. Kary has her mind made up that she hates Charles for hunting and killing animals. Once she gets her mind stuck on something, there’s no altering her opinion. She says Stephanie is full of s**t after Stephanie continues explaining to her why she’s being rude.

I’m just happy to see Stephanie actually working for her paycheck. This is the first time in a long time that she’s actually made an impact on the show. Most episodes she sits in the background and does absolutely nothing. Welcome to the show honey.

When it didn’t seem possible that Kary could be any ruder to Charles, she finds a way to top herself. She refers to the bigfoot expert as having a little “pee pee”. HOLY F**K YOU CAN’T JUST SAY THAT!! Stephanie’s mortified by Kary’s comments, and I agree with her 100%. She needs to apologize to Stephanie and Charles and make things right. That behavior is embarrassing to everyone in the group.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

The next morning Kary’s incredibly hungover which could make her more combative if confronted. There’s going to be a pig roast for dinner, and I don’t see that going over well with Kary. After the long rant she went on to Charles about hunting, how will she react to a pig being roasted in front of her? If Stephanie was pissed the previous night, she might be setting herself up for more disappointment from her friend.

Stephanie calls out Kary for how rude she was to Charles. Unfortunately Kary’s not taking any of the comments seriously and is laughing throughout Stephanie’s scolding. No matter what her stance is on hunting, there was no reason to be so cruel to the man. She told everyone on national TV that he has a small penis. Does it get any more humiliating than that?

Stephanie says she never speaks up, so Kary not taking her seriously hurts her feelings. Stephanie tries explaining her feelings to Brandi who notices she’d been crying. She’s so hurt and embarrassed over this the way Kary verbally accosted Charles.

Good luck ever getting her to own up to her actions and what she did wrong. That’s never going to happen. She’ll find a way to turn it against you and make you out ot be the bad guy. It’s similar to what Brandi’s been doing all season.

Stephanie Hollman Real Housewives Of Dallas

The women are splitting up into two separate yet equally important groups. The outdoor girls who fish for the trout, and the indoor girls who sip all the wine. These are their stories. DUN DUN.

Tiffany Moon is on the fishing portion of the trip, and she’s wearing an umbrella on her head. I appreciate her commitment to ageless beauty and looking flawless, but COME ON. IT IS SO LARGE FOR NO REASON.

Kary’s happy because the type of catch and release fishing they’re doing is harmless to the trout. After everything she went through the night before with Charles the hunter, this is more ideal for her.

Tiffany opens up to Brandi & Kary about the growth she’s feeling with the other ladies. She didn’t start off on the right chicken foot with everyone, but she’s come a long way. There’s a genuine vibe formed now, and she actually fits in. She doesn’t seem like an outsider at these group events.

The other three ladies are going to be making their own wine, and that is more my speed. I don’t mind fishing, but I REALLY don’t mind drinking. Place the alcohol in my hand and give me the free reign to gossip my heart out.

D’Andra thinks Kary finds a way to escape any criticism from her friends. However, she’s thrilled that everyone’s finally catching on to her slippery and nefarious ways. It’s time to hold her accountable for the nasty things she says and does.

Brandi let’s Kary know that Stephanie was crying because of what she said to Charles. Shockingly Kary agrees to apologize to Stephanie because she never wants to make her feel like that. We need more than an apology though. What needs to happen is actual change in her behavior moving forward. They need to stop allowing her to continue on this path of rudeness.

Kary apologizes to D’Andra for insulting her eggs which is a step in the right direction. The big moment is going to be apologizing to Stephanie for how poorly she treated Charles. Kary breaks down into a sea of tears once she pulls Stephanie to the side. She wants her to know she never wanted her to be so hurt over something she did.

Stephanie comforts Kary while also asking her to reign in her behavior. I don’t hate the approach Stephanie’s taking with this, but it’s a big weak. She was talking so much about this, but once she got face to face with Kary she backed off a bit. Her tone totally changed.


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