Carole Radziwill Says Friendship With Bethenny Frankel Was “Transactional” And Bethenny Ended It Because “She Decided It Was A Good Business Decision”

The friendship between Real Housewives of New York stars Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel was unexpected, and quite interesting. It was a lovefest back in 2016, with Bethenny declaring that she would exit RHONY before she would break-up with Carole. Bethenny missed the mark with that prediction.

During Season 10, their friendship imploded, leaving both women bitter. The RHONY reunion was a nail-biter, with both Carole and Bethenny fighting over who slammed who on the show. In one memorable moment, Carole screamed at host Andy Cohen, “Shut up, Andy. You’re so full of sh*t!” Later, Carole claimed that Andy was Team Bethenny during the ladies’ disputes.

In 2018, Carole announced that she was exiting the show after six seasons. Of course, Bethenny alleged that Carole didn’t quit–she was axed. Will these two ever stop dissing each other?

In February 2021, Carole reflected on her friendship with Bethenny. Buckle up, dear readers. Carole stated, “I think she was very… she liked the friendship the way it was. I think I said on the show, it was too much Bethenny and not enough Carole in that friendship.”

The writer continued, “I will say now I’m much more careful about who I spend time with. And it does linger with me, like now I really stay away… like I can recognize narcissists like from a mile away. Like I just… I recognize these traits,” Carole added. Yes–Carole is still talking about Bethenny.


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Heavy reported that Carole once again shaded Bethenny during her March 30, 2021 interview on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. Carole explained, “We did have, I thought, a genuine friendship. In retrospect, a lot of her relationships are transactional. If she [acted] upset about the demise of our friendship, it was by her own creation,” Carole said.

“I think she decided it was a good business decision. They’re colleagues,” Carole remarked. “It’s a business. You sign contracts, you get paid.” She said that none of the RHONY cast members are actually friends.


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Of course, Bethenny shocked RHONY fans when she quit the show after Season 11. So, would Carole entertain returning to the franchise now that her nemesis is gone? “No, I would not return,” Carole said in January of 2020. “There’s women on the show that I still have a genuine connection with, who I respect and admire, but I would not go back on the show.” Carole is still friendly with her former co-stars Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, and (Holla!) Heather Thomson.

As for Bethenny, she has also moved on. Her marriage to Jason Hoppy was short-lived, but their divorce raged on for years. In March of 2021, Bethenny confirmed that she is engaged to Paul Bernon. And, like her former bestie Carole, Bethenny has no plans to return to RHONY. “I don’t want to go back on ‘Housewives,'” Bethenny said. “It’s not where I am right now. I respect that I came from there… I’m moving forward.”


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