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Marlo Hampton Says It Was Distasteful For Porsha Williams To Bring Up Her Legal Issues From The Past

Real Housewives of Atlanta’s latest season might be winding down, but the drama off screen is still heating up. Thanks to BoloGate, Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton have had quite the falling out. The once-friends found themselves as adversaries when Marlo accused Porsha of sleeping with Bolo. Adding fuel to the fire, Marlo made up with Kenya Moore, who has been all too happy to keep spreading the rumor. Things only got worse between Porsha and Marlo during cast trip to New Orleans. During a dinner out, Marlo flipped her lid on everyone, claiming to be stuck in the middle of Kenya and Porsha.

Porsha wasn’t over it then and she doesn’t seem over it now. On a recent RHOA after show, Porsha made her feelings about Marlo known. According to Porsha, “We don’t know what Marlo could’ve done. This girl is absolutely out of her mind. You have to understand how fast she made the switch. Like, she literally was my friend hours ago. So, it was really shocking to me and it, it was like a big sign, you need to get out of here. This girl could possibly be dangerous. For someone to make a switch that fast.”

Now Marlo is hitting back. She recently told Entertainment Tonight, “I felt that was so distasteful. Who would go and bring up someone’s past, over almost 20 years ago?”

She went on to ask, “How dangerous am I when you drug someone just a couple years ago off the couch? How dangerous am I when you fought [your friend] at [Todd Tucker’s] party in the alley when Kandi [Burruss] called you an aggressive lesbian? How dangerous am I when you kicked Cynthia [Bailey] on the boat? And all this happened within a five-year period.”

Marlo continued her read, “You’re talking about my things that happened over 15, 20 years ago, but guess what? You’re ‘here for social justice.’ You’re going to try and bring up my past so many years ago. And this all happened with you within the last five years? Come on, Porsha. Play nice. Play nice.” Damn, Marlo is not playing around. But it’s only fair for Marlo to bring up the past if Porsha is going to do the same.


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Marlo wants to make sure Porsha is listening too. She concluded, “So, let’s be clear. I’ve been calm. I’m that girl, I’m her. I don’t care. How many shows you on? Bravo changed your lifestyle, sweetheart. OK? I came on as that girl. And I’m still that girl. You were renting places. I own my town home. I live within my means, OK? If I lose my job tomorrow, I’m still going to live this fabulous life and drink Veuve.”

Marlo has spoken, friends. But I do think Marlo is making a good point. Porsha of all people should understand that who you were in your past isn’t indicative of who you are today. Porsha has come a long way and so has Marlo. So even if Porsha isn’t happy with her, Marlo deserves her respect. Now I want to see if Porsha has grown enough to give it to her.


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