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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Big Blowups In The Big Easy

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta have hit the streets of the Big Easy, but it’s been a hard time. Marlo Hampton keeps finding herself stuck in the middle of Kenya Moore & Porsha Williams’ feud. Her newfound friendship with Kenya has put her in positions she never expected. She’s never been forced to pick sides between the two because in the past, she and Kenya were on the outs. We’re officially stepping into unknown territory.

The one thing that’s clear though is Kenya & Porsha will NEVER be friends. Whatever small blip of peace they had last season is out the window. This season has been nothing but ill will from both sides. Nobody whose side you’re on, on some level the constant toxicity between them must be draining. Normally, Porsha would be popping off at Kenya’s every move. However, this season she’s taking a laxer approach. Will paying Kenya dust pasy off in the end?

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There’s a hurricane rapidly approaching, and the women are in the middle of their cast trip. Hurricane Zeta has the potential to dampen everything. Mother Nature might be inclined to wreck this vacation for our favorite peaches. Hopefully everyone can stay safe and out of harm’s way and still have a decent time.

After the dance class they took on last week’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Drew Sidora has a surprise. We don’t know where the bus is taking them, but it should be ood. So far this trip has been a step up from the previous ones as of late. Let’s hope the newest wife can keep up the good work.

Drew teases the epic surprise for the group, and my interest is piqued. They’re in some sort of restaurant setting, so it can’t be too spectacular. I think the biggest shock of them all would be having a peaceful meal. These women can never get through a single meal without a fight breaking out. Can’t we just enjoy some appetizers without a side of a shade?

The surprise is a bit of a letdown because they’re just going to be cooking. None of the women want to be doing this. They were probably expecting something more lavish and luxurious. Too bad! Time to put on their aprons and get to work!

The real surprise comes in the form of a Big Freedia appearance! The women freak their freak over seeing her! According to Drew, she IS the culture. She IS New Orleans. She’s the moment, and she’s already bringing the women together. Things were tense with Porsha and Marlo after the dance class, but this is lightening the mood.

The women are working well together which is a tad unexpected. There’s been so many rifts lately because of the aftermath of the Charleston trip. Not anymore! Something about Big Freedia has set this group free and sent them on a path of enlightenment.

We’ll see how long the peace lasts though once they sit down for their meal. Once the food is done and ready to be served, the drama is usually close behind. Marlo’s smack dab in the middle of Porsha & Kenya, and that needs to be dealt with. The one off conversation with Porsha after dance class isn’t going to make it go away. Both of them need to be addressed, and Marlo needs to make sure she gets her feelings across.

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Marlo opens up to Kandi Burruss & Kenya about how her conversation with Porsha went. She makes the mistake of telling them that Porsha warned her about getting close to Kenya so fast. There’s no way that’s going over well. In this group, that comment is obviously going to get back to Porsha. Marlo, what are you thinking? Keep your mouth shut!

Kandi thinks Marlo’s making everything so dramatic. She has a point. Why are some of these girls so obsessed with knowing details of Porsha’s sex life? If she wants to have sexual relations with a stripper, that’s her business. She’s a single woman. She doesn’t have anyone to report to. This incessant hounding of Porsha about what she did on the Charleston trip is starting to feel like slut shaming in a way.

Kandi refuses to entertain Marlo & Kenya when asked if Porsha slept with Bolo. She doesn’t think she or Porsha need to comment on it whatsoever. She’s right. I understand Kenya’s doing her job and stirring the pot, but there are some topics that are not okay to pursue in this manner. The intimate details of someone’s sex life is definitely on the shortlist for one of them. Let it go!

Kenya refuses to be labeled the villain for seeking the truth. She’s been in the villain role for the majority of her time on Housewives. I’m not even sure if she realizes or can recognize why that is. She’s great at her job, but the lack of self awareness is killing me. Honey, take off your blinders and understand that YOU are the villain in almost every scenario.

Kenya says she knows what she and other people heard. She’s not the only one fed up with Porsha’s lack of accountability. Marlo’s upset that Porsha wouldn’t come to her as a friend and admit what she has done. There’s no definitive proof that Porsha took a ride on the bolo stick. It’s glaringly obvious that it happened, but nobody can ACTUALLY prove it. The one person who can (Kandi) is pleading the fifth at every turn.

The vibe at dinner is awkward, and Marlo takes that weirdness to the next level. She pitches a hypothetical scenario to Big Freedia seeking advice. Everyone at the table knows that she’s referring to her recent situation with Kenya & Porsha. Why not just come out and say that? I HATE when people beat around the bush about things. OUT WITH IT. Stop dancing around what you have to say.

Big Freedia doesn’t like confrontation, so she would flee from the issue. Porsha thought everything was squashed and that they’d already moved past this. Surprise! Marlo is NOT even remotely over this by the sounds of what she’s saying. I’m with Porsha about this. When you agree to move forward with someone, the issues of the past should be DEADED right then and there. No questions asked.

Marlo doesn’t want to ruin her friendships with either of them,, but Big Freedia is skeptical. Why would Marlo want to be friends with Kenya after so many years of disgust and disdain? The timing of Kenya accepting Marlo back into her life is all sorts of sketch.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha grows tired of Marlo’s acting game and makes Marlo acknowledge who she’s talking about. Kandi thinks Marlo has put herself in the middle of those two for no reason. It may seem like that, but it must be difficult to try and balance friendships with two women always at odds. For whatever reason, Kenya & Porsha don’t click. They never truly have, and they probably never will. Marlo’s going to drive herself crazy trying to be the perfectly neutral third party.

Kenya doesn’t understand why Marlo’s dragging Big Freedia into their mess. It’s weird timing for sure. There’s no reason to bring in a completely stranger into this toxic s**t. Poor Marlo is taking it from both Kenya & Porsha about what she’s saying, but Marlo isn’t entirely wrong. Porsha & Kenya are both always talking cash money s**t about the other one. That automatically puts Marlo in a tough spot.

Marlo says she’s going to pull a Kenya & Porsha and walks away from the table. She’s taking this so seriously, and it’s so off putting. She may have many valid points, but she’s picking the craziest way to deliver it. Walking away from the dinner and calling them fake ass bitches isn’t the way to prove a point. Sitting there like an intellectual and genuinely working through emotions would’ve been the more mature approach.

SOMETHING had to have occured off camera for Marlo to have this type of reaction. It was so out of left field, and Marlo isn’t making much sense. She’s making it sound like they’re constantly putting her in uncomfortable scenarios.

Drew’s pissed that this type of behavior was displayed in front of Big Freedia. I understand why she’d be upset by that. It is rather embarrassing that grown women cannot contain themselves for one damn dinner. JUST ONE TIME. You have a special guest with you, and you’re acting like total asses in front of her.

Porsha thinks she’s uncovered Marlo’s true motivation in all of this. She believes that Marlo wanted to latch on to something as a way to get in between her and Kenya. By doing that, she’s placed an extra large spotlight on herself. Attention galore for the attention whore? Something like that.

Drew thinks Marlo’s afraid to lose Kenya as a friend again. I could see that. They’ve been through so many ups and downs over the years. She wouldn’t enat to get back into that dark place again.

Kenya returns to the table and tries to explain how Marlo feels, but Porsha isn’t having it. She doesn’t want Kenya uttering her name in any capacity. Any time Kenya tries to speak Porsha’s name, she just says “don’t say my name”. Porsha is on some boring s**t this season when it comes to Kenya. Why is she disengaging at every turn? Doesn’t she realize that makes for a boring show? Is she aware what she signed up for? Yawn.

Kandi wants to know why it matters at the end of the day who f**ked the stripper. Before she can get any more points across, a back and forth develops into child behavior between Kenya and Porsha. Porsha’s continuously saying to keep her name out of Kenya’s mouth, and it’s so silly.

The way they keep calling each other “bitch” is so middle school. Not even that. It’s like fourth grade playground s**t. WHO CARES WHO HAD SEX WITH THE STRIPPER? Isn’t that something that just kind of happens at events like this? STOP DRAGGING THIS OUT.

Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi meets with Marlo after the dinner because she thinks something deeper is going on. There has to be more to the story than what’s being said on camera. Some behind the scenes shenanigans have to be at play here.

What left me shocked is when Kandi told Marlo that in the past she’s known Porsha to be a liar. That felt like a way to openly say she slept with Bolo without actually saying it. Also, that comment could do a lot to set back Kandi & Porsha’s friendship. They’ve come a long way, and I’d hate to see something tarnish it. Especially something so trivial like this stripper sex.

The hurricane is getting closer to developing into something more powerful, and they need to be careful. Clearly, Porsha had that thought too because SHE IS GONE. She’s already bid NOLA farewell. That’s a weird move by her. Weird s**t like that makes me think this could be her final season. I’d be sad to see her leave the show, but there’s been a weird vibe from her all season. She’s highly disconnected from the group, and this could be it.

Porsha even left Shamea Morton behind. That is some foul s**t if I’ve ever heard it. Who ups and leaves their close friend behind in a random city with people you’re beefing with? Hurricane or not, it’s WEIRD.

Kenya tells Marlo she acted like a crazy person the night before. She really did. Marlo’s dinner meltdown the night before came out of nowhere. She was looking for a fight from the jump. It all stems from a place of frustration about the Bolo situation and a lack of answers.

In the middle of filming, the power goes out because of the hurricane. Thank god Cynthia Bailey & Kenya didn’t actually get on their elevator. Imagine how terrifying it would’ve been to be on it when the lights went black? NOPE. I CANNOT ALLOW MY MIND TO TAKE ME THERE.

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Porsha visits Cynthia at Lake Bailey, and naturally her abrupt exit in New Orleans comes up. It was something Porsha didn’t want to be a part of. Not anymore. The worst part of everything was how immature everyone was acting in front of Big Freedia. She wasn’t about it at all. She was trying to have a good time and help them come together. They acted like total asses instead.

Porsha doesn’t want to be friends with Marlo anymore because of how she’s been treated. She thinks Marlo is out for Marlo and Marlo only. I can see that. This was the perfect opportunity to nab a ton of screen time because Kenya & Porsha are the backbones of the show. It’s that simple.

Kandi’s hosting all of the women at her restaurant Blaze for a tasting. Hopefully this goes much smoother than the last time the group got together. If everyone can stay put without storming away, it will be considered a success.

Marlo is the last to show up, and she tries being cool with Porsha like nothing ever happened. That’s not going to work because it hasn’t been that long since their trip. Not much time has passed since Marlo was screaming that Porsha was a fake bitch.


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