Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: What’s Love Yacht To Do With It?

Thank you to The Real Housewives of New Jersey for delivering another stellar season. It’s the first pandemic era Housewives season that’s truly given us everything. Leave it to Jersey to follow through no matter what. Teresa Giudice started out the season guns blazing, but a softer side is beginning to emerge. There’s so much speculation about her love life, and we might be finally getting the truth. Spill all of the tea!

Two people still coming at each other with everything they have are Margaret Josephs & Jennifer Aydin. For some reason these two women do not mix. No matter what setting they’re in, they always seems to come to verbal blows. Things have continued to be rocky since the shore trip, and the upcoming yacht party likely won’t be different. Margaret’s going to be reading about her life experiences. Is there any chance Jennifer will sit there silently?

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret’s prepping for her yacht party book reveal which should be good. Starting out the way she did being a neglected child to where she is now is a wild transformation. It’s one of those Cinderella stories that you can’t help but be proud of.

Of course some of the excerpts of her upcoming book have already been a hotbed for controversy. Jennifer recently called her out for having a “sloppy” moment by sleeping with her boss. With Melissa Gorga unable to attend the party, that leaves Margaret sans an ally. Not good territory to be in if you’re Margaret.

Dolores Catania tells Frankie Catania she’s excited about Margaret’s book party, but there’s more on her mind. She clues him in on the scary situation she’s facing following her mammogram. Her health is at stake here. She left her family out of the loop again. There’s no reason not to share something possibly life threatening from her family.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Joe Giudice has a new girlfriend, and Gia Giudice’s already met her. He was terrified for her to meet the new woman, but it went well. While on the phone, Joe accidentally let’s it slip that Teresa has a new man herself. The cat is officially out of the bag. No more secrets!

Teresa wishes people would’ve found out on her own terms. Well, it’s officially too late for that. She’s going to have to tell everyone now that it’s been outed on camera. I wonder if Joe did it on accident for real or if was a calculated effort.

Jennifer checks in with her daughter about her feelings after the big blowup between her mother and father. It was a nasty fight that escalated quickly. It was a lot for the children to have to witness. Enough of that bulls**t moving forward. Hash it out or finally pull the plug on the marriage.

For Jennifer, she’s used to those type of knockdown fights between her parents. She spent her childhood witnessing those arguments on a regular basis. What a horrible thing to have to see as a child. That’s the sort of mental trauma that can very much carry over into adulthood.

Jennifer’s mother was forced into an arranged marriage to get out of her home. She was ripped away from the life she was used to. There’s decades of built up resentment because that’s not the life she wanted to live. She didn’t have a say in the trajectory of her future.

To her credit, Jennifer’s done a great job breaking the pattern with her own kids. They get to see a genuinely happy marriage that’s thriving. Her mother might be jealous of her own daughter and the life she’s able to have. This is everything she was NEVER able to experience for herself.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Yachts are such a vibe. I might not be rich, but yachts are 100% my aesthetic. I have no problem if any of you lovely readers would like to invite me on your yacht. I’ve written six books, and I’d gladly read them to you for the chance at a yacht day. Please take this begging into serious consideration.

Right away, Jackie Goldschneider makes a comment about the young yachtie being great for Teresa. She references the rumors in the press about Teresa being seen with younger men. Jackie, please abort this ill advised mission. You and Teresa JUST got back on good terms. Making a crack like this is a surefire way to find yourself on the outs yet again.

Jackie allegedly wants Teresa to be happy so she can have correct behavior. It’s a slippery slope to speak ill of Teresa. Even though Tre is always doing reprehensible things, at the end of the day they all need to be on her good side. As annoying as it is, this really is the Teresa show. It revolves around her, and they ALL know it. Do you really think Teresa & Melissa are as tight as they try to come across. Nah fam.

The first thing Teresa does when she shows up is order a drink with pineapple in it. She is riding this pineapple train like crazy. She is OBSESSED with tasting as sweet as she can in those nether regions. However, whatever works for her works for me. If her new man loves it, who am I to comment?

Jackie’s birthday is coming up, and they’re planning a trip, but Teresa has a connection to the destination. Teresa’s already been there because her new beau took her there on a date. Well here we go. Now that it’s been revealed on camera, Teresa’s already opening up to the women about her new man. It’s about damn time.

Teresa’s taking it slow with her new man, but I think it’s been going on for quite some time. The one thing irritating as hell is Margaret’s obsession with Teresa’s love life. She’s jonesing for Teresa to spill of the details. She’s acting like a confessional warrior though.

Margaret has so much to say when she’s sitting on the interview chair, but where are those comments in person? Why not say all of it to Teresa’s face? I’ve never understand that logic from Housewives. The person you’re talking about is going to see it eventually anyway. Why wait forever for your true feelings to come to light?

Margaret Josephs Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret starts reading an excerpt from her book and right away she’s baiting Jennifer into a fight. It’s beyond transparent. She starts out with the chapter about the boss that she slept with? There’s no way she’s not purposely trying to elicit a reaction from Jennifer. That’s so fu**ing shady!

Listen, the story itself is powerful, and I stand by her 100%. There are men all around the world that use their power to take advantage of women. It’s horrible. However, she TOTALLY chose this portion to read as a way to cause a fight.

Jennifer brings up the first time she heard the story and how it different. She admits she was wrong because hearing it in more detail, she understand Marge was powerless.

Margaret says Jennifer as a processing issue, and that’s why she interpreted it wrong the first time. Jennifer counters by saying perhaps Margaret has a delivery issue. Don’t get me wrong, I am very much here for the drama. Anything petty like this will ALWAYS have my full undivided attention. That being said, Margaret just put Jennifer in a major lose-lose scenario.

The topic shifts to Jennifer’s housekeeper seeking Instagram live that Margaret is still going on about. She has no idea what Jennifer’s going through on a daily basis. Besides the kids and the large home, she is trying to keep her parents from causing WW3. There’s so much on her plate.

Jennifer stops the fight by saying she’s sorry which Margaret probably didn’t expect. With the story finally put into context, she’s able to see what Margaret truly went through. This could be the come to Jesus moment these two have needed with each other for a while now. m

Jennifer opens up to the group about the trouble’s she’s facing with her mother. She’s constantly walking on eggshells to avoid saying the wrong thing. To brighten up her life, she wants all of the women to invite their moms for a get together. That’s beautiful, but it’s sad for Teresa because her mom has passed away. That’s going to be a tough event for her to sit through.

In a nice change of pace, Margaret agrees to move forward. Jennifer respects her, so she’d like to do the same. Hopefully these two can stay on the same page for a while. There’s no reason for them to always be at each other’s throats. How about PEACE? Can we obtain that for once? Please?

Melissa Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Luckily, Melissa doesn’t have COVID-19 which is a relief. Melissa tells Jackie about her date night with Joe Gorga and how he feels low on the totem pole. Melissa’s scared to have deep conversations with him out of fear of causing an argument. That’s not the way to go about your marriage. Shoving it to the side isn’t the healthy way to take it.

Jackie says that people change and aren’t the same that they were at the beginning of a relationship. That’s so true. People evolve over time and things they want evolve with them. Nobody stays the same. If you’re stagnant of that period of time, something’s wrong.

Jackie tells Melissa that she knows about Teresa’s new man. I think this will lead to a better version of Teresa moving forward. She was miserable with Joe, and I believe it’ll be a lighter version of her. Lord knows we need to finally see that side.

Marge Sr talks to Margaret after finally reading her book. She was surprised to learn about the sexual harassment Margaret faced in her life. It was a time where so many women were unable to speak out about these types of horrendous abuses. However, even though the world has come a long way, there are still so many women being preyed upon out there.

Marge Sr feels bad that Margaret never felt safe growing up. It’s not normal for a child to grow up with those feelings. Of course, Marge Sr has a deep sense of shame and embarrassment because of it. At least today, they’re in a much better place.

She couldn’t be there for her daughter when she was a child, but things appear better. She wasn’t able to help her the way she should have because she was a mess. Margaret wasn’t able to go to Marge Sr about the things daughter should be able to turn to the mother’s for. Honestly though, she’s so supportive of Margaret despite the unflattering chapters about her. We love to see it!

Melissa takes Antonia Gorga shopping at Envy for school. That has to be a top tier perk of owning your own boutique. This is all quite the ruse though to talk to Antonia about her dating life. She wants all of the tea. This is the way to try and get her daughter to open up about sex.

Antonia says she hasn’t had sex yet which is good news, but DAMN MELISSA. Why are you talking to her about this on camera? She is sparing nothing. Well damn. Awkward as hell!

Teresa Giudice Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

At the mothers and daughters gathering, Jennifer tells her mother it’s sad Teresa’s coming alone. I hate that she’s going to be the only one there without their mother.

After Teresa gets there, Jennifer make a comment about not being a big drinker. Let’s all take a moment to soak that in. Really let it absorb. Okay Jennifer. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

The idea of a Turkish Tea Party is intriguing, but I don’t know if the name actually means anything. It looks like every run of the mill tea party I’ve ever seen. However, I stan a solid theme, so let’s enjoy the show.

All of the older moms are obsessed with the size of Jennifer’s home. You can fit some small towns into the interior of her house. It’s honestly ridiculous how rich they are. I wouldn’t hate one or two of those thrones though. The king needs somewhere appropriate to sit because standing isn’t my thing.

The more everyone opens up about their bonds with their mothers, the sadder Teresa gets. She doesn’t feel comfortable in this setting because of how much she misses her mother. This is the worst! Teresa breaks down and tells the group she needs to step away to visit her mother’s grave. She can’t take it anymore. She need to get out of Jennifer’s home and away from the mother daughter tea party.


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