Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 5 Finale Recap: Who Destroyed J.R.’s Bedroom?

Tiffany Moon. Period. Thank you Tiffany for breathing new life into The Real Housewives of Dallas. Looking at the returning cast, the lineup wasn’t that impressive heading into this season. However, the first season Housewife delivered in every possible way. The regular season might be coming to a close, but would we even have made it this far without her? D’Andra Simmons as well! Both of them were TOP TIER cast members this season.

One Housewife that many had soured on before the season even began was Brandi Redmond. Following her racist video mocking Asians, it’s astounding she remained on the cast. Why let LeeAnne Locken go but keep Brandi? Quite the odd decision. Speaking of LeeAnne, her nemesis last season Kary Brittingham had quite the sophomore season herself. Is there any hope to deem herself before the reunion?

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

I honestly forgot all about the weird murder mystery party. I tried so hard to block it out of my memory, but I am being subjected once again. It’s SOOO corny. That being said, it looks like a blast, and I’d probably be so immersed into it if I was there.

Dallas is such an iconic show, and the last thing I want is for these women to make a mockery of it. Besides this whack murder mystery, it appears like Kary is going to be wasted more than ever.

Why does she always act like a teenager who got drunk for the first time? Learn how to handle your alcohol. If you can’t do that, then don’t drink.

Brandi takes a wild tumble down the stairs because she’s the “victim” in this game. I have to give her props because that falls looked incredibly painful. I hope the rumors that she was pregnant when she filmed are false because DAMN. There’s no way that could’ve been great for the bun baking in her ginger oven.

She COMMITTED to the game to the point that she got massive rug burn from the fall. Say what you want about Brandi, but she’s HERE for the fun and games. Now that she’s finally “comfortable” this season, she’s focused on having a good time instead of paranoia. Her constant fear of being judge was getting to a suffocating level.

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra is confused by the mystery which she doesn’t think bodes well for the others. If she or Tiffany can’t solve this, is there any hope for the rest of the group? I don’t want to shame anyone, but Kameron Westcott in particular isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. I don’t know if it’s an act, but she does the dumb blond stereotype very well.

Kary asks Brandi to tell her who “killed” her, but she can’t divulge anything. Leave it to Kary to be the first to try and cheat. That’s very much on brand for her.

Tiffany compares this mystery to her skills as a doctor which is a bit of a reach. THE SHADE SHE MAKES ABOUT IT NOT BEING KARY BECAUSE SHE ISN’T DRUNK ENOUGH. I AM TOO WEAK FOR THAT SPOT ON INSULT.

Tiffany comes to the conclusion that D’Andra has to be the killer because she’s the most into character. She was right, and D’Andra pulls a gun on everyone in the room and invokes her inner drug queenpin. D’Andra was born for this role. She might struggle running her mom’s company, but being a murderer suits her quite well.

I would pay actual cold hard cash money coins to watch D’Andra flail about Southfork Ranch with a gun. No questions asked.

After the game, Kary shoves D’Andra in the swimming pool. Did she not learn her lesson after what happened with Tiffany? STOP DOING THAT. Nobody likes it. You just come across as a bully. Will she ever learn boundaries?

D'Andra Simmons Real Housewives Of Dallas

In the middle of the night, a drunk Kary & Brandi do their best to irritate all of the women. She breaks a vase in Stephanie Hollman, Brandi, & Tiffany’s room, and doesn’t think twice about it. I feel like she believes the regular rules of common courtesy don’t apply to her.

The antics continue when Brandi & Kary sneak into J.R.’s room. Brandi is easily able to get around the Plexiglas and hop into J.R.’s bed. However, Kary acts like a fool and does the unthinkable. She ends up BREAKING the plexi barrier and crashing the the floor below. Holy s**t.

These women have reached a level of classless that’s unacceptable. You don’t go into someone else’s home and create a ruckus like this. Not only is it not their own home, but it’s basically an iconic landmark. They’re destroying a piece of history that means a lot to so many people. Shame on them. Mostly Kary though.

The following morning Brandi reflects on what happened. She notices the cameras throughout the home which confirms the owners are going to learn the truth. Brandi needs to get on top of this and confess what they’ve done. She’s orchestrated this trip, so the burden ultimately falls squarely onto her.

All of their drunken efforts were a waste of time because they didn’t even sleep in the room. Once they realized the bed was covered in blood, the room lost its appeal. It’s clearly the crime scene from when J.R. was shot, so it shouldn’t be a surprise. However, I don’t expect much in the intelligence department from this cast.

D’Andra’s tumble into the pool did more damage that we realized. Some of the clothing she was wearing is vintage and irreplaceable. We’re talking over $3,000 worth of stuff damaged because Kary is a reckless drunk. She’s a liability at this point.

Kameron is embarrassed by the entire debacle, and how can you blame her? This sort of thing should not happen. There are children who can behave better than Kary. Enough is enough.

Brandi Redmond Real Housewives Of Dallas

Brandi calls the woman who runs the estate, and she breaks down on the call. I would start crying to. What a thing to have to call and admit to. At least the damage overall is minimal, but STILL. There’s no excuse for this behavior.

The woman on the phone says not to worry because everything can be fixed. That lets them off a lot easier than they deserve. By telling them it’s not a big deal, it’s giving them the opening to cause further damage.

Brandi & Kary have differing opinions on what actually went down. Brandi is wracked with guilt about breaking a piece of the room. Kary however doesn’t understand the uproar about a fake crime scene from a soap opera. It’s the total lack of ownership and self awareness that makes me loathe this woman.

D’Andra, Kameron, and Stephanie discuss the behavior exhibited by Kary. They want to hold her accountable for what she does, but D’Andra can’t be the messenger. Someone closer to Kary needs to deliver the dose of reality.

D’Andra runs down the list of unacceptable actions by Kary this season. She shoved Tiffany in the pool when she’s not even capable of swimming. Kary pushed shots down everyone’s throats all season.

Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

Even though there’s some tension stemming from what Kary did, some fun is coming up. The final night on the ranch will be an 80’s theme with the husbands in attendance. This is the first time the husbands will also be present for a group event. I wonder if anything explosive will pop off.

Kary receives a text from her husband Eduardo Brittingham that he’s feeling sick and won’t be coming. If there’s ever been a time that she needs him to show up, it’s today. It’s a situation!

Kameron asks Kary if she thinks if what she did was alright, and she says no. Stephanie & D’Andra also hold her accountable because of the importance of the ranch to the computer. This is a location that holds a special place in many hearts, and Kary showed it such disrespect.

Stephanie thinks there’s something in Kary’s life causing her to act out like this. Well, clearly something is going on with her and her husband. The way he randomly dipped out on her makes me wonder if all is right on the home front.

Tiffany iterates to Kary that there’s a pattern with her behavior being unacceptable that goes beyond this trip. It was just the last vacation where she humiliated Charles the Bigfoot guide for no reason. She questioned the size of his manhood on camera, and for what reason? What does she gain by doing that?

D’Andra is appreciative after Kary apologizes, but history shows that Kary doesn’t always follow through. It’s easy to say she’s sorry, but PROVING it is a whole different ballgame. We’ll see if she can keep it up. She’s also allegedly not going to drink, but I find that difficult to believe. All the power to her though.

Brandi Redmond Kary Brittingham Real Housewives Of Dallas

D’Andra knocks on Kary’s door after the conversation to check on her. She went really hard on her, so naturally Kary’s not wanting to speak to her. At least D’Andra’s trying to do the right thing and be there for her. After everything they’ve been through, it’s great to see her making the effort.

At the end of the day, it’s obvious Kary’s going through some s**t. Everything’s been hell in her personal life lately. After everything with her daughters, her husband, and her husband, it’s getting to be too much. Kary even admits she’s been drinking too much. I hope she’s able to work through her issues and come out of this a stronger person.

D’Andra is dressing up like Sue Ellen for the final dinner!!! Let me say that Linda Gray is EVERYTHING. I didn’t think I could get any more excited about their Southfork trip, but apparently I can.

Everyone looks amazing, but Tiffany is NOT a good blonde. I appreciate her willingness to experiment with new looks, but this isn’t it. Being a blonde oil bombshell doesn’t suit her whatsoever. Love her though!

Brandi pulls Stephanie aside to thank her for being there for her throughout everything. Stephanie has been ride or die for her throughout the recent trials and tribulations of her life. She gives her a ring to symbolize being her best friend forever which was a sweet gesture. Regardless of your stance on them, it’s always nice to see friends supporting one another.

Kameron doesn’t think Eduardo is supportive enough of Kary throughout her recent struggles. It certainly appears that way. I forget he even exists. Is he the husband we see the least?

D’Andra’s journey this season has quite one of the biggest. Seeing the shaman has helped her find the inner peace she desperately needed. Some people might not like it, but if she’s happy with who she is inside, that’s all that matters.


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