Sonja Morgan Doesn’t Believe Luann de Lesseps Didn’t Realize She Moved Into An Apartment Across From Tom D’Agostino

Real Housewives of New York legend Luann de Lesseps hasn’t settled into a home since her first divorce.  Of course she has the house in the Hamptons, but she has been relocating in Manhattan many times since leaving the home she shared with Count Alex de Lesseps.

Luann bought some sort of spherical abode in upstate New York for a short time.  Then there was the hasty move into Tom D’Agostino’s penthouse.  That was more of a status symbol situation than a marriage, but Luann weathered the humiliation for seven months.  Maybe memories of holding court on the accompanying terrace were some consolation for Luann.  Though the terrace is off limits for her now, Luann has found herself within sights of its majesty again.

Luann unwittingly moved into an apartment that looks up to the terrace from her former marital home.  At least she claimed to have been, “shocked” in a trailer for the new season.

But costar Sonja Morgan thinks that Luann must have known the proximity to Tom’s apartment.  According to Page Six, Sonja said, “I’m going to call BS on that one. Because I live two blocks from Tom and I knew very well when we were friends and when she looked at an apartment a block from my place, she knew where Tom lived.”

Manhattan is a small island.  And these ladies don’t go downtown the way Leah McSweeney does, so that leaves less surface area where the RHONY cast live and frequent.

Sonja said Luann, “knew where he lives because she lived there too.”


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New cast member, Eboni K. Williams added in Luann’s defense, “I don’t even know what state my ex-husband lives in.  So I think it’s entirely possible.” Again, it’s Manhattan island.

The location of Luann’s apartment is one thing, but what of it’s dimensions?  That’s a big deal in NY.  The fact that it looks a lot like Leah’s apartment is ironic, considering how much Luann critiqued her two-bedroom in the Financial District.

Leah described Luann’s new one bedroom as, “a pretty normal, humble apartment.”  Comparatively, “I have a two-bedroom apartment,” Leah added.


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Sonja agreed, “when I saw [de Lesseps’ new] apartment, I thought the same thing — why is she digging at you about the way you’re living, when she basically has the same layout and the same furniture?”

The views though…..


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]