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Below Deck Mediterranean Stew Bugsy Drake Gives Update On Alex Radcliffe And What Their Relationship Is Like Today

Last season on Below Deck Mediterranean, viewers were inundated with dysfunctional boat romances.  Bosun Malia White had to placate her then boyfriend Tom Checketts whenever things didn’t work out in the galley.  Their relationship dynamic was all about Malia managing his ego and poor problem solving abilities.  Then there was Jessica More and Robert Westergaard.  They met on board and were an item for a hot minute before arguments and jealousy took hold.

But there was one coupling that fans were rooting for.  It never really took off during the season, but watching deck hand Alex Radcliffe trying to woo Bugsy Drake was endearing to say the least.  He adored her, but ultimately got friend-zoned.  They are still friends and communicate often on social media, which raised hopes that some feelings could be rekindled.  So now that Bugsy is promoting her new book, The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme, she also offered an update on where she and Alex stand currently.

Bugsy told Us Weekly that she and Alex are still very close, but strictly as friends.

“We’ve remained close friends for sure,” Bugsy said, “I’ve said it before to quite a few people, but it’s just the fact that we work on completely different boats.  We’re never really in the same place a lot of the time.”

Location and timing is everything when you’re in the yachting industry.  Bugsy continued, “we’ve obviously not gone further in our relationship past the friendship because of that. We don’t see each other much, but you know, you never know what might happen in the future. If we get on the same yacht again, that would be kind of fun.”


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During  an October 2020 episode of Watch What Happens Live, Bugsy teased potentially rekindling the romance that started on Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.  She revealed to Andy Cohen that, ” we met up, feelings came back, an we’re kind of just seeing where to go from here.  We’re really good friends, but, yeah, we’ll see.”

While Bugsy doesn’t regret her flirtations with Alex, she is embarrassed by her behavior on camera during a crew night off.

“More than anything it was just so funny to see myself in Below Deck season 5, like in the hot tub with Alex,” Bugsy explained, “I was so blackout and I’ve literally never known what I’ve done when I’ve been blackout.  So that was definitely, I wouldn’t say regret, I think it was really funny to actually see how I behaved because I just remember after that evening going to the producers and being like, ‘I am so embarrassed’ … That was probably one of the nights that I’ve been like the most blackout in my entire life, and it was all caught on camera. That was definitely hilarious.”


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So while Alex wasn’t the one to win Bugsy’s heart, the chief stew revealed that she is dating someone new.  It isn’t serious enough for her to comment at the moment except to tell Us Weekly that, “it’s not in any sort of a stage right now that I feel it’s important to make public at this point in time. But I am seeing someone that I did meet on a yacht, so it’s been a lot of fun and he’s a great guy.”

Bugsy’s new book, The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme, is currently available for purchase.


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