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Kandi Burruss Claps Back After Boyz II Member Wanya Morris Says Her Music Career Is “Dormant”

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is a boss. She is married to Todd Tucker, and has three children. She has multiple businesses and a successful music career.

During Season 13 of RHOA, her charity foundation, Kandi C.A.R.E.S, sponsored a food drive to give out groceries to single parent families in need. And Kandi saved the entire season by throwing Cynthia Bailey a dungeon-themed bachelorette party for the ages. Kandi even brought along Bolo to entertain the ladies.

According to the Atlanta Black Star, Kandi reminisced about her collaborators in an interview on Instagram Live with O’Jays singer Eddie Levert Sr. and his daughter, Ryan Levert. Kandi recalled working with some legendary groups during the April 26, 2021 discussion.

“I had a lot of great people that were easy to work with. I mean, like I said, once we got into the flow, Destiny’s Child was easy to work with. It was just that initial getting to know each other phase, once we got cool with each other that was amazing,” Kandi shared.

“TLC, I mean, I had a great relationship. Even after “No Scrubs” I worked with them again on the next album. So, they are one of my favorite artists to work with,” she remarked.

So, who wasn’t so easy to work with? After some hesitation, Kandi revealed one of her worst studio experiences. Kandi stated, “I hate to do it, I hate to do it. Ain’t no love lost, I mean, this is 100 years later, so it doesn’t even matter, but, yeah, I had a bad experience in the studio with Boyz II Men.”


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Kandi knew some of the members prior to working together. She said, “It was kind of weird for me, we were friends prior –well, some of us were cool.… I knew a few of them. We had hung out different times prior to being in the studio working together,” Kandi explained. “So, it was kind of unexpected to me that working together would have that result. It wasn’t a good situation.”

Kandi elaborated, “It wasn’t about the singing at all.…We fell out after that. I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespected like that before in the studio in my life. It was crazy,” Kandi added. “But at the end of the day, that was a long time ago. Clearly, you know, we’re past that or whatever.”

Well, Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris told theGRIO, “It’s just we work differently. … I didn’t know that we were the worst to work with, but I mean after TLC and Boyz II Men and a couple of other people she hasn’t worked since, right, music-wise.” Oof. “It’s been a dormant season and it’s a dormant season for a lot of artists for that time because music is changing, that’s just what it is,” Wanya commented.


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On May 3, 2021 Kandi shaded Wanya in a video that was shared by theshaderoom’s Instagram page. The video shows a 2020 ASCAP Pop Music Award. According to theGrio, Kandi received the award for Ariana Grande’s hit song “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored.” Kandi has a writing credit for the song because it sampled an NSYNC song titled “Makes Me Ill,” which Kandi wrote.

Kandi is heard saying in the video, “Some people don’t think that the plaques still come in.” Boom! Mic drop.


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