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Marlo Hampton Believes Porsha Williams And Kandi Burruss’ Friendship Is “Fake”

Marlo Hampton might not have a peach, but she’s working hard for the money this season. This has felt like the biggest season for Marlo as of yet. She has her nose into EVERYTHING, and it’s a crime she isn’t a full time wife. She’s given viewers countless messy moments this season, so this would’ve been the time to reward her. However, even sans peach Marlo is leaving everyone talking with some of her recent comments.

At the reunion she went out of her way to imply that things were off between Porsha Williams & Kandi Burruss. Seeing the two of them act like best buddies again certainly rubbed Marlo the wrong way. Given the dark and painful history between Kandi & Porsha, it is a little head scratching. Maybe there’s something to Marlo’s feelings about the odd timing of the closeness. Thankfully, she’s giving us even more insight into her thoughts about this.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Marlo said, “It was just so fake Andy [Cohen]. It was just so bullshit. Just a week ago they were not that close. Right after this dungeon party they were buddy buddy. Porsha’s running around “my Kandi, my Kandi”.” I didn’t realize Porsha was THAT giddy about seeing Kandi following that party. However, the pieces Marlo’s putting together actually make sense.

Clearly, Porsha doesn’t want anyone to know if she had coital relations with Bolo. She’s a very single woman and can do whatever she wants, so it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to cop to it. However, if she wants it to remain a secret she’s entitled to do so. It hasn’t made sense whatsoever why everyone’s so obsessed with uncovering the truth. It feels a lot like slut shaming.

That being said, Kandi and Porsha have never really vibed that much together. After Season 9, the two barely spoke to one another. Why are they suddenly making a big deal about their friendship? Clearly Kandi knows exactly what went down in in that bedroom. Perhaps kissing up to Kandi is the price Porsha has to pay for the former’s silence.


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Marlo also said, “I’m like what is going here? I don’t know what the hell happened at the dungeon party with the two of them. But it was just bullshit, Andy. It was bs.” WHOA. Is Marlo going there? Is she implying something sexual possibly went down between Kandi & Porsha. That is the epitome of shots being fired.

First of all, I highly doubt Kandi would ever do anything sexual with Porsha. Following what went down years ago, there’s no sense of trust in that department. It’s been proven that anything she says will be used against her in the court of shade. She’s not foolish enough to open herself up to something like that once again.

The friendship does seem fake though. Why would the suddenly emerge becoming the best of friends? Marlo’s not holding back, and thank goodness because someone needs to call out the fraud s**t. There’s something fishy in Kandi Land.


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Porsha could clear everything up by coming clean about what happened in that room. Kandi could do the same. However, if she really is allegedly holding this over Porsha, she’d lose her leverage. The world of Housewives is so much like chess, but on a national scale with everyone watching. Every move is calculated, and most of the women are pawns for the top dogs.

Marlo could just be lashing out though. She and Porsha have fallen out since the rekindled friendship between Marlo & Kenya Moore. As soon as they patched things up, it was game over for her friendship with Porsha. As soon as Porsha seemed to have turn on her, Marlo came out like this with guns blazing. She is on a warpath and dissecting the friendship between Kandi & Porsha is her new number one mission.


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