Margaret Josephs Says Melissa Gorga Doesn’t Fake Storylines For Real Housewives

Regardless of whether reality TV exaggerates or creates situations, it’s obvious that Joe Gorga is a husband that values traditional family values.  He says that it’s a product of the loving marriage he witnessed between his parents and the Italian culture.  Of course he would prefer Melissa Gorga home, welcoming him back every day with a hot dinner and a smile.  But after raising three children and tending to Joe’s every need, Melissa expressed the desire to achieve for herself.

When the Gorgas were first introduced on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa was pursuing a “singing career.”  That didn’t quite pan out, so she tried her hand at fashion instead.  Melissa successfully opened a boutique called Envy, and things seemed stable in casa Gorga, even with that alleged search for Melissa’s “third sister” which made no sense.  Unfortunately, new cracks were exposed this season.  Joe is feeling insecure.  Melissa spends less time focusing on him, and he’s not keeping his feelings to himself.  Melissa finds herself having to defend her choices, much to the chagrin of the rest of the RHONJ cast.

It’s unsurprising that Margaret Josephs would want to champion a story line like this.  What would be more engaging for Margaret to be able to help a fellow sister in need, downtrodden by an overbearing Neanderthal?  Melissa just wants to follow her dreams y’all.  But Margaret won’t give Jennifer Aydin the same backup for making her own choices as a woman.  Choices, by the way, that her husband Bill Aydin respects.  This reverie rides on the assumption that Joe and Melissa’s conflict is real of course.

Margaret spent a decent amount of time on the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast saying that the Gorga marital issues are genuine. Host Heather McDonald asked Margaret, “was Joe and Melissa’s fight really real?  Were they really having issues?”

Margaret answered, “yes. And I’m gonna tell you right now and I’m gonna say it. It’s not because I’m good friends with her. Believe me. They minimized on camera what was going on. They cut out a lot of it because it was intense. And I’m not kidding.”


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It’s unacceptable to question Melissa’s authenticity, according to Margaret.  Again, she wants to champion the topic.  Would she vocalize this much to support Jennifer being a stay-at-home mom?

I think [people say] ‘Melissa has fake story lines’ because cast members would come after her for that saying ‘That was fake. That was fake,'” Margaret opined, “which is unacceptable because it wasn’t fake. And I think that’s gotten out there and people say stupid shit like that out there. This was very real.”

Margaret admits that, “It happens in a marriage.”

And while marital conflict is inevitable, Margaret wondered if Joe and Melissa wanted to air it all on camera.  She said, “Joe Gorga is a traditional Italian guy. I think he really was feeling something. I even said to him ‘Are we doing this on camera?’ I got nervous. I was like ‘Holy crap.'”


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It can’t help matters between a couple if their problems are magnified to the public.  And Margaret reiterated that, “they were really having stuff going on and that played out on camera and I think that’s normal in every marriage.”

Factor in the disruptive effect the coronavirus had on literally every person on this planet, and any couple’s equilibrium was thrown off.  Even though Melissa was physically at home more, Joe still felt ignored.

Margaret explained that Melissa is, “always on her phone Instagramming.”  So she’s present but, “not in the moment.”

2020 forced all business owners to reconsider their business models.  And with everything happening online, Margaret said Melissa had no choice but to be constantly active on her phone.


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Margaret, who is also a business owner, explained, “she has to keep the momentum going. She has to sell shit online. She’s not in the moment. She’s disconnected. She’s working so much.

Ultimately, Margaret believes that onus is on Joe to accept the evolving dynamic within his marriage.  That may be beneficial for the Gorgas as a couple, but then what could they present as a story line?

“I think some men get insecure or upset when their women, their star power grows,” Margaret concluded.


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