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Melissa Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Has No Storyline And Just Talks About Everyone Else

Despite Jackie Goldschneider’s claim to be the new queen bee of Real Housewives of New Jersey, this show has, from day one revolved around Teresa Giudice.  Half of the cast and alums were either family members or in her social circle.  So maybe they all came in with a strong opinions, but each season repeats the theme.  You’re either with Teresa or against her.

Everyone else just seems to be fillers.  Whether they contribute anything to a story line independent of Teresa depends on what they bring to the table.  And this season’s cast has been underwhelming in that regard, as they just ride each other’s outraged coattails.

The magic formula seems to be repeating each other’s secrets in an attempt to shore up some drama.  The RHONJ housewives are pretty self aware in that regard and call each other out on it.  Except Jackie, who thinks she runs the show now.

There’s been a social media squabble between Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin because both are questioning the suitability of the other being a cast member.  Which is ironic because all Melissa had to do was show up as Teresa’s nemesis since her premiere season.  It’s not like we watched Melissa for her singing career.


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Jennifer started it off by claiming that Joe Gorga should replace his wife on the showAccess asked Melissa to respond.  She replied, “get a backbone.  Like I can’t with her.  She’s such a wannabe.  Lately I hear she loves to like come out and say that, like ‘Joe should be the housewife.’  Meanwhile this woman hasn’t talked about herself once.”

Melissa continued, “It’s about her brother, her other brother, the brother’s marriage, the parents.  Can we know something about you?  Because you haven’t said one word about you yet. So take a seat.  Like I can’ with this girl.  She’s just a wannabe.”


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Melissa isn’t wrong about that.  But she also brought her multiple sisters onscreen as if we needed to care about them.  Again, let’s not pretend Melissa has anything to offer except being Teresa’s sister in law.  Maybe Jennifer is playing 4-d chess with us viewers and pitching her family for a Bravo series.

“And I’ll never forget her telling me, she was inspired by me,” Melissa recalled how Jennifer tried to ingratiate herself to her at first, “she’d be like, ‘oh my god you’re so fun, you drink and you have so much fun.’ And then like I guess she’s trying to do it, but she’s epically failing.”


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What was it people say about imitation and flattery?  Referencing Jennifer almost blacking out at Teresa’s pool party, Melissa said, “I’m actually fun and assertively fun.  I don’t know what she’s doing on the floor banging her head.  You’re doing it wrong.”

The negative feelings towards Jennifer are likely also rooted in her support of Teresa in the Evan Goldschneider affair rumor.  Could she bring more to the table on her own merit?  Sure.  But that goes for Melissa too.  It looks like Melissa and Jennifer could mutually benefit by turning on each other.


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