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Margaret Josephs Claims She Said Jennifer Aydin Treats Bill Aydin As A “Meal Ticket” In Response To Her Tagline…Which Was Released AFTER Margaret Said This During Filming

Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider only just resolved their conflict on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and it was nice to see the whole cast getting along for a change.  But that was short lived.  The resolution of one dispute only seems to fuel the birth of another.  Such is the life cycle of all the squabbles on the Real Housewives franchise.

Tensions were flaring between Jennifer Aydin and Margaret Josephs since they took opposing sides in the Teresa/Jackie feud.  But now they have legitimate issues with each other.  Both dealt low blows and have contradicting views on a women’s role within their household.

Margaret is an entrepreneur who worked hard to scale her professional field.  She’s seemingly the boss in her marriage with Joe Benigno as well, and can’t understand the dynamic within the Aydin household.

According to Margaret, a stay at home mom equates a freeloader.  Ironically, Margaret’s first marriage began in the same way.  Yet Margaret told Jennifer that she never fights with her husband Bill Aydin, “cause he’s your f–ing meal ticket for your whole f–ing family!”

Now, in a backtrack of sorts, Margaret told Us Weekly that she made her “meal ticket” comment in response to Jennifer’s Season 11 tagline which is, “whoever says money can’t buy happiness clearly doesn’t have my credit limit.”

The problem with this explanation is the tagline would have been recorded after the episode filmed.


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Margaret opined that, “I think it says it all in her tagline, ‘Money can’t buy happiness,’ but obviously it buys her happiness because she has unlimited credit.”
There’s no way Margaret would think that Bill was just taking care of his family, including his in laws, if he has the means.  Maybe there are some cultural aspects to this dynamic as well.  It’s doubtful that Margaret would try and understand the values of a more conservative culture.
“So, what you are saying is that your happiness is bought by money,” Margaret continued, “that’s what you’re saying because you can spend endlessly.”
Margaret feels that she is in the right, so is happy to admit the intention behind her statement.  “Her happiness can be bought by material possessions, so that’s why I said it. It was a dig,” she admitted.
The root of Margaret’s issue with Jennifer is that she, “doesn’t understand what is going on in the real world,” but is not a “bad person.”
That and Jennifer judging Margaret for sleeping with her boss after being “pressured” into it as a young professional in the fashion industry.  Jennifer called the moment, “sloppy.”  But how could she understand that power dynamic when she hasn’t worked a day in her life?

“[I felt] disgust. That diminishes everything I’ve worked for my entire life,” Margaret said of Jen’s comment, “it’s very disappointing when another woman would say that about someone. I wouldn’t expect it from anybody at this point and knowing that I had my own business for 21 years, I’m not even sure who I slept my way to the top with.”

Will these ladies ever be able to understand the others point of view?


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