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Luann de Lesseps Is Reportedly Dating A Former NFL Player

The Hamptons are alive with the sound of Garth Wakeford.  Or just Garth.  The name of Luann de Lesseps’ boyfriend at the time that the Real Housewives of New York was filming it’s 13th Season reverberated all over the East End of Long Island.  We’ve learned more about Garth than we needed to, especially considering that he isn’t dating Luann anymore.  Garth’s workouts are inspiring.  Garth makes a mean lamb curry.  But Luann was smitten, hopeful, and enjoying her “coronavirus romance.”

Luann gushing about her “viking” of a man triggered Sonja Morgan into a Morgan-level meltdown.  But after a bit of analysis by Eboni K. Williams, Sonja admitted that her negative feelings towards Luann’s new relationship had to do with Luann ghosting her friends every time she finds a new man.  Luann acknowledged Sonja’s feelings, if only for the cameras.  Well, it’s time to see if Luann modified her behavior.

After a spring break fling in Mexico, Luann and her new man were spotted getting cozy in the HamptonsPage Six identified Luann’s new suitor as Radamez Rubio Gaytan, a Mexico City native who Luann met while she was on vacation in Tulum.  He managed the hotel she was staying at.  And thank goodness Ramona Singer was not in attendance because her behavior towards resort staff, or hospitality personnel in general, is just an embarrassment.

RHONY viewers will come to know everything about Radamez, thanks to celebrity news, so if he is included in filming next season, Luann can spare us the kind of gushing details that send Sonja over the edge.

Luann definitely has a thing for men who play sports and cook.  Remember Garth?  Radamez is reported to have, “first kicked in college in Mexico City, where an NFL Europa scout spotted him. He went through a few tryouts for the since-defunct European league but never got signed.”


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After these college tryouts, Radamez trained as a chef in Mediterranean fusion, but was drawn back into sport.  Radamez pursued his dreams for a second time when he, “tried out to be a kicker for the Miami Dolphins” before going into the hospitality industry.

It looks like Luann and Radamez are, “getting reacquainted,” and want to see if their vacation fling has any substance behind it.  According to Page Six, Luann, “flew him out to the city and then they went out to the Hamptons.”  The source said, “they hadn’t seen each other for a few months,” and Luann wanted to show Radamez her life on Long Island.

In typical Luann style, she’s going all in.  “I think she fell madly in love with this one,” the source explained, “he flew in from Mexico and he’s been taking her everywhere. I just spoke to her and she’s so happy.”


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Well, this doesn’t bode well for Luann’s friendship with Sonja.  She has a habit of immersing herself blindly in any new relationship and hasn’t yet tailored her behavior.  If Radamez is included in Season 14, we can certainly expect a repeat of what happened on this week’s episode.  Hopefully Eboni will be around to diffuse the situation again.


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