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Luann de Lesseps Is Single Again After Boyfriend Allegedly Dumps Her For 19-Year-Old Woman; Denies That Garth Wakeford Cheated On Her

Luann de Lesseps is a maven of cabaret. She a current star of Real Housewives of New York. And, not for nothing, Luann is also cool – not all like, uncool. Luann is also very unlucky in love, it seems. When Lu joined RHONY, she was… THE COUNTESS. She was married to Alex de Lesseps, a real live French diplomat who may or may not have ditched Luann for an Ethiopian princess. Lu licked her wounds and eventually moved on to another Frenchman, Jacques Azoulay. We all loved French Ross Geller and it appeared Lu did too – until a rogue pirate in St. Barths with a penchant for guyliner put more than a kink in their relationship.

Somehow Luann eventually found herself involved with douche CEO Tom D’Agostino. Tom, much like Harry Dubin, made himself a regular fixture on the Housewives dating circuit. Unfortunately for Luann, their dating lead to engagement, which lead to Luann going off the rails. In the wake of Luann’s affair of the heart and Tom’s affair in general, Lu’s mind was less on relationships and more on not getting arrested again. After trying her luck on a dating site, Lu met personal trainer Garth Wakeford. Now, after several months of going out, we learn Garth is partying on without Luann.

Ahead of the 13th season premier of RHONY, Luann is single again. On the newly released trailer, Lu’s new man made an appearance and people wondered if she had finally found “the one”. Okay, basically no one thought Garth was “the one” except maybe Luann for approximately 5 minutes. Well, easy come, easy go, because Garth is currently nowhere to be found. According to who you hear it from, he either ditched her for a fetus much younger woman or Luann was the one who cut him loose.

Page Six says Lu is the one who gave Garth his walking papers. Rumors had been flying about Garth playing footsie on the side with a young chick, but Lu denies it. She said, “Garth and I stopped dating before the holidays and I only wish him well.” Damn, Luann has a rough time around the holidays, doesn’t she? At least she wasn’t in the slammer on Christmas Eve this past year. She had previously labeled Garth as “too good to be true”, but I think she said the same thing about Tom.


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On the other side of the coin is the truth Radar Online, which claims Garth left Luann in the dust for a younger woman. A source told the outlet, “Luann de Lessep’s personal trainer/boyfriend Garth (as seen in the new RHONY trailer) is allegedly dating college bombshell and Sag Harbor socialite Jacqueline Leahy.” Oh, he pulled a Mario Singer, how gauche! Then the insider dropped this little nugget of gold. “Jacqueline is rumored to be close family friends with Sonja Morgan, so this is something that could really blow up this season.” Dun, dun, DUNNNNN. Fun fact, Miss Jacqueline follows Sonja on social media.

Garth denies he is dating Jacqueline. But, he acknowledges his breakup with Luann. RHONY finally comes back to us in May. So, surely viewers will get to see how this plays out. While Luann’s dating status currently remains up in the air, at least this time around we know it definitely isn’t about Tom.


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