Madison LeCroy Seemingly Compliments Herself From A Burner Instagram Account Pretending To Be A Fan

Oh come on, don’t act like you haven’t done this before! Madison LeCroy must be feeling “tension” aimed at her after this season of Southern Charm. Lots of folks are feeling some type of way about Madison because she was a big ‘ol meany pants to Austen Kroll and she may or may not have a penchant for athletes.

On the bright side, at least Madison’s scandals don’t involve racism (at this point) and people aren’t trying to hold her accountable for being either tone deaf or ignorant. That happened to poor Kathryn Dennis, the victim of systematic bullying after being called out for an incredibly insensitive text exchange with a Black woman. Hopefully Kathryn will somehow make it through these trying times. If Kathryn’s “mistake” was on one end of the spectrum, Madison’s latest guffaw is certainly on another. Sometimes people make separate social media accounts to comment on something and conceal their identity at the same time. And sometimes people forget to switch to their fake account before posting.

Hopefully no one is coming for Madison because she has an active social life. That would be amusing considering someone else on the show slept with three of the four original male cast members during the first season alone. The men on Southern Charm haven’t exactly been keeping it in their pants either. Also, to my knowledge they are all consenting adults. So it’s interesting that anyone involved with this show has the audacity to give side-eyes to people sexing around, whether they’re in a “relationship” or not.

Somehow Madison managed to creep into mainstream media by having interactions with famous sports people. Jay Cutler is getting divorced and Kristin Cavallari hangs out with Craigy Conover and Austen, but Madison took heat because Jay slid into her DMs. I’m sure JLo is quivering in her rhinestone-encrusted Chanel boots because some chick from South Carolina has been ALLEGEDLY sexting with A-Rod. Her 15 carat engagement ring probably helps to block out the background noise. Now Eric Decker, a football guy, has also been named on Madison’s contact list as well.


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Maybe Mads has been down in the dumps because of all the hate she’s been getting. Or maybe she just needed a little pick me up. Either way, she apparently complimented herself on social media, but forgot to switch to the all-important alternative account. Instagram account BravoSuperfans caught the blunder and shared it with the class. Madison’s boo-boo has become a lesson in how to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

So we have a posted photo of  “someone” watching Madison on tv at the reunion. “Someone” included a fancy little crown sticker on her head and the caption, “Watching the queen, @Madison.Lecroy”. Unfortunately, the user account was also @Madison.Lecroy. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh girl, is this your first time?  Now look, Madison is hardly the only person with a burner account who posts complimentary things about themselves. I mean, Austen alone probably has at least 20 fake accounts by now. And one for his robe too. This was a funny mistake, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not exactly life-changing news.


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At least Madison has to defend a social media snafu instead of trying to cover prove she isn’t racist. And at least the custody of Madison’s child isn’t (presently) in jeopardy due to her unpredictable behavior. And despite her faults, at least it doesn’t appear Madison is currently living off of her parent’s money. Like other people on the show. While I’m sure Madison has learned her lesson about double checking what account she’s posting from while ALLEGEDLY complimenting herself, next time she might want to also keep in mind we’ve all seen the inside of her house.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]