Shep Rose “Feels A Small Measure Of Vindication” Following Madison LeCroy And Austen Kroll Breakup

Season 7 of Southern Charm introduced viewers to a (slightly) more mature Shep Rose. But frankly, his reputation could only go up after Season 6.

Who could forget all of the harsh words he’s shared with Madison Lecroy? Or his never-ending antics to break her and Austen Kroll up, such as inviting the girls from the infamous threesome video to a party the couple was at. And don’t even get us started on the video of him berating a homeless person. 

I give Shep‘s girlfriend Taylor Ann Green full credit for his attitude adjustment. However, that never means his hard feelings toward Madison ever went away. He’s been gladly gushing to the press about all the details between her and Alex Rodriguez‘s secret FaceTime dates. But after all that history, can you blame him for being bitter?

In a recent interview with Entertainment TonightShep discussed feeling vindicated seeing the toxicity between Austen and Madison‘s relationship come to head in Season 7.

He was thrown for a loop after Season 6. He said he watched himself become the “villain” for the first time, particularly in the Madison/Austen drama.


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“That’s a no-win situation,” he said, adding that his issues with Madison bled into Season 7. “I felt this season, she had a tumultuous one I’ll say, to say the least, she and Austen. I feel a very small measure of vindication, a little bit.” But apparently, it’s not hard feelings towards Madison specifically, but their toxic relationship in general. Yeah sure, we have never known Shep for being petty before.

“I called it early and everybody jumped on me. And yes I said some mean things directed her way, but I’d like to say for the record, that’s because it’s my friend. She’s messing with my friend,” Shep said. This sounds very bro-code, but he does have a point. 


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He said even though he’s apologized to Madison, it’s been “interesting” to see everything happening to her in the news. Yeah very interesting, not like he’s feeding into it by talking about her signing NDAs or DMing ARod on cast trips every chance he gets.

Since Madison became a full-time Southern Charm cast member, she’s been involved in a boatload of scandals. It started with her horrible on-again-off-again relationship with Austen, probably because they both couldn’t stop CHEATING ON EACH OTHER. And since then, she’s had beef with Kristin Cavallari, which may or may not include texting her ex Jay Cutler and begging him to be on the show. And who could forget her potentially being responsible for the end of Jennifer Lopez and ARod’s engagement?


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At least Madison has secured her spot on Southern Charm without the need for Austen to give her a storyline. And while Shep might be happy the negative spotlight isn’t all on him anymore, he apparently needs to keep talking about Madison to stay relevant. Oh, the irony.


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