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Lala Kent On Madison LeCroy: “You Give A Girl A Mommy Makeover But The Insecurity Still Lingers”; Austen Kroll Says Madison’s “Favorite Hobby Was To F*ck With” Him

While many of your favorite Bravo shows are on hiatus, a lot of the stars need to compensate for lack of attention. This might be why everyone and their mother now have podcasts. It’s an outlet that provides a platform to openly discuss politics, environmental issues, or in Bravo’s case, what random people are in bed together.

That’s why we’re lucky to have the Pillows and Beer podcast courtesy of Southern Charm stars Craig Conover and Austen Kroll. If you think that sounds too good to be true, prepare for your mind to be blown. Recently Vanderpump Rules new mom, Lala Kent, joined Craigy and Austen to chat. How much star power can one podcast handle? Lala and the boys teamed up to dish on life, love, and the pursuit of Madison LeCroy’s happiness.

Lauren from Utah joined Craig and Austen from South Carolina for a meeting of the minds. She chatted about being a new mom, sobriety, and… Austen’s love life. Lala knows a kindred spirit when she sees one, so naturally Madison’s name was mentioned. A lot. It might give one the impression they have nothing else to talk about. Lala began, “Your guys’ reunion made me so happy when Craig wouldn’t shut the fuck up.”

Craig has never been a Madison fan and Austen was thrilled with his reunion performance. “It was amazing. I think about it in the shower sometimes. I’m gonna be honest.” TMI, dude. Lala asked Austen the question keeping everyone awake at night, “Do you talk to her at all, Madison?” Then ‘ol boy proceeds to protest a bit too much.

“No, we haven’t spoken and honestly…. I have it written down as like my ‘liberation day,’ the last time we spoke to [each other]. Ever since that day it’s been the best life,” Austen said. The best life, we get it. Craig co-signs because what are co-dependent friends for? “It had to be like that,” he shared. Lala asked if it was a toxic relationship which is weird because even my neighbor’s blind cat knows the tragedy that was Madison and Austen.


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Austen revealed, “This day kind of happened where she [Madison] told me she was dating someone [else]…” Lala questioned, “Alex Rodriguez?” Austen replied, “No, not Alex Rodriguez, you crazy.” He continued, “I did like a backflip. I was like ‘I’m free. I’m finally free.’ Like now you can’t call me and fuck with me and tell me that you want to spend this holiday with me and that you want to see me on Easter.”

Don’t worry, Austen wasn’t done reassuring everyone how happy he was. “I am like so so so happy- you have no idea- that this person does not fuck with me anymore. And that’s what she did. Her favorite hobby was to fuck with me.” Lala, who has never fucked with anyone in her life replied, “That is so unkind.” Pause while my eyeballs roll out of my head. Lala blames Madison’s actions on insecurity.


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“You take a girl who’s like eh and you give her a mommy makeover and then suddenly, she’s feeling herself, but the insecurity still lingers, you know? She’s gotta pull you along and make it feel like you want her and this guy wants her. She needs constant validation,” Lala advised. Austen said Madison needs to be the “center of attention“, which, as you know, is rare for anyone on reality television.

Then Lala gives a lesson in the art of backpedaling, because, pot/kettle. “I don’t know this girl. She seems very sweet and very kind. I’m talking about girls in general who have these insecurities that no matter how much they inject into their face [the insecurities] still linger. I have to battle them all the time, but it’s like, girl, you’re hot. We don’t need you to tell us that people want you. We know because we want you, you know?” These wise words have been brought to you by a woman who drinks from a baby bottle so night-night comes faster.


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If you were worried Austen was still suffering over the loss of Madison, he is living his BEST LIFE, OKAY? Craigy continues making pillows and chasing ambulances working with his new law firm, and Lala is gearing up for a new season of Pump Rules. No word on what Madison is currently up to, but it will probably require an NDA.


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