Real Housewives Of Atlanta Alum Phaedra Parks Got Robbed

Real Housewives of Atlanta might have had a lackluster last season, but it wasn’t always that way. Sure, the days of NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak arguing on a tour bus over a one hit wonder are long gone. But I recently did a rewatch of the good ole days. One person stuck out as a true star that carried the show: Phaedra Parks. Drag me if you will, but that woman brought a je ne sais quoi to the franchise.

From calling people “oatmeal pie face” to using phrases like “crazier than a road lizard”, Phaedra brought it all. The off the cuff jokes, the sheer delusion, the notion that she could get away with faking the due date of a pregnancy. She had it all! Of course, Phaedra got the boot for the unforgivable. Sadly, that was the point she had to stop being my favorite housewife. But it does seem as though she has had some time to reflect on her past on RHOA. She even graciously accepted an apology from Kenya Moore for her inappropriate behavior towards Phaedra’s said then-husband, Apollo Nida.

Unfortunately for the “Ultimate Southern Belle”, not all things are coming up peaches these days. Phaedra recently took to Instagram to post about being robbed. She posted a photo of herself next to her car with the what looks like a busted out window.

Her caption started, “Tonight at exactly 7:02pm during daylight someone (2 guys) broke into my car on Miami Circle exactly 11 minutes after I got out to drop off an item.”

Phaedra continued, “They jumped through the passenger window and broke my glove compartment which was empty and he took the gold glitter backpack @porsha4real gave to me for my birthday which had my Canon camera in it with my sons recent graduation pictures on the memory card.” Poor Phaedra. If anything would get me upset, it would be lost photos. Especially ones of Mr. President!


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Phaedra concluded, “You can’t see in my car I have 360 limo tint, the items they took are sentimental to me if you have any info please DM me.” She finished off with some prayer hand emojis. Obviously, she must be crushed about the photos. On a side note, I’m surprised to hear she got a birthday present from Porsha Williams. But that is neither here nor there.

We are glad Phaedra is safe and hope that she recovers her items without issue!


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]