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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Reacts To Kelly Dodd Leaking Text Exchange After Real Housewives Firing; Braunwyn Denies Being A “Narcissist” And “Bad Mom”

Is every Real Housewives of Orange County fan just feeling lighter this week now that Kelly Dodd and Braunwyn Windham-Burke officially got the boot? It feels like an actual weight has been lifted and the show isn’t doomed for good, mostly thanks to Heather Dubrow’s Season 16 comeback. Kelly and Braunwyn both brought RHOC down to a new level of nastiness, whether it was Covid Kelly’s insensitive comments or Boringwyn horrible actions including, but not limited to, offering drugs to Shannon Beador’s 14-year-old daughter.

Both Kelly and Braunwyn recently spoke about wanting to return next season, but it really wasn’t a surprise Bravo made a major shakeup in the cast. Many fans boycotted last season thanks to Kelly’s outrageous behavior. And the show lost its spark from the good old days of Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson whooping it up at Andales. But Kelly really put the final nail in her coffin when she posted screenshots of a text exchange with Braunwyn after the casting news broke. B was seemingly reaching out to support Kelly. But Kelly lashed back at her and blamed her for them losing their oranges in the first place. Typical Kelly.

In a lengthy Instagram caption alongside the text, Kelly claimed Braunwyn thought she was fired because the RHOC ladies didn’t like her because she was gay. Kelly manages to call Braunwyn a “nut job,” a “narcissist” and a “terrible mother” in one paragraph. I wonder if Kelly practices how to be so evil, or if it just comes naturally. And let me get this straight — I’m pretty anti-Braunwyn, but that doesn’t mean she deserves below-the-belt comments about her parenting.

Braunwyn reacted to the post in an interview with Entertainment Online“Wow, that’s a lot,” she said. You can say that again. “I didn’t say I was fired because I was gay. … I don’t know what she’s referring to. I didn’t say that. But I have learned during the season, she takes a lot of things I haven’t said and makes it into things I have. So, I’m not surprised. I’m used to it.” It sounds like an absolute nightmare to have to get used to Kelly’s vicious behavior.


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Braunwyn responded to Kelly’s other remarks, saying her co-stars have made similar statements throughout Season 15. “They’ve called me a narcissist, they’ve said I’m a bad [mom]. Those are easy digs,” she added. For once, I am agreeing with Braunwyn. “I am a huge advocate for mental health. I don’t like when people use clinical diagnosis as insults. If you don’t like me, then come up with another word. Don’t weaponize mental health, please.” Totally fair.

She added that she knows she’s a “great mom” because she has “great kids.” Braunwyn believes anger and hurt are behind Kelly’s statement, so she’s giving her a break for the nastiness. “I think it’s hard to take accountability,” Braunwyn said. “And when you’re angry, it’s easier to blame someone else than to take accountability. I think people do that in a lot of things in their lives. It’s easier to be angry than sad. And so I’m not going to take that personally” Again, I agree. Kelly did fine all on her own in getting herself kicked off the show.


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Braunwyn added that Kelly cut off part of her text exchange. “I said, ‘I hope you have a beautiful life,’ and then she actually wrote back something pretty sweet too. Like, ‘Yeah, you too.’ She didn’t post that part. So actually, when I left the message, I’m like, OK that ended nicely. If we run into each other at Mastro’s, it’ll be OK. Whoops.” Kelly has a history of bombarding her enemies at restaurants that lead to explosive fights. Remember her infamous exchange with Shannon at the Quiet Woman? My advice to Braunwyn is if she sees Kelly in the wild, RUN.


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