Heather Dubrow Denies Hanging Out With Kelly Dodd And Her Husband Rick Leventhal

The last season of Real Housewives of Orange County came off as a big ole flop. There was no Tamra Judge, the thirstiness of Braunwyn Windham-Burke and finally, they filmed it all during the pandemic. Aside from a few attempts at fighting here and there, nothing really happened that was notable. It wasn’t until the reunion, when Braunwyn admitted that she offered up a drug dealer to castmate Shannon Beador’s underage child, that any sort of bombshell took place.

But despite the lack of bombshells, one person just couldn’t keep her nose clean. Obviously I’m talking about Kelly Dodd. Going into the season, she was riddling social media with inflammatory thoughts on the coronavirus. And she continued throughout filming, despite trying to get a good edit of being a doting fiancé to Rick Leventhal. It didn’t work and fans hated her more than ever.

So it was kind of shocking when news broke from the Instagram account Deuxmoi that Heather Dubrow would be dining with husband Terry Dubrow and Kelly and Rick. Heather has already announced her return to RHOC and Kelly was forced to announce her firing. Kelly also accused Heather’s kid of giving them coronavirus. And finally, the two have never even liked each other, on or off the show.

Well, Heather is clearing the air and making sure everyone knows that she was NOT dining with Kelly and Rick. As reported by Reality Blurb, Heather cleared things up on a recent episode of her podcast, Heather Dubrow’s World. In it, she said, “I don’t usually respond to these things, but I wanted to tell you because I hear that [Deuxmoi] is right a lot of times… this is not right.”

She named the couple they were dining with and continued, “I can see from a distance why one maybe think that. Although knowing our relationship, [I’m] not really sure why you would surmise that. But now that you know [who the couple was], this whole conversation is a fabricated piece of bullsh*t.”


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Heather added, “Kelly couldn’t have been talking bullsh*t because she wasn’t there. I mean, she may have been talking sh*t about someone else from somewhere else, but certainly not from this booth, and certainly not that night at Javier’s.” She finished up by advising fans to “not believe everything you hear.”

I for one am relieved that this turned out to just be a rumor. While Kelly’s old antics in the early years of the show might have been entertaining, she made a quick descent into madness. And vitriol. Kelly was never perfect but she wasn’t completely devoid of redeeming qualities. Now that her true colors have shined through, it would be nice if we never heard from her again. Bye, Kelly. I won’t miss ya.


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[Photo Credit: Joe Scarnici/Bravo]