Real Housewives Fans Upset With Phaedra Parks For Co-Signing Ignorant Comments About Lil Nas X

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks is a controversial character. When she first joined the show, she was hilarious with her quick one-liners and over-the-top parties put on by none other than Dwight Eubanks. When Phaedra was good, she was good — pickle photo shoots, her mortician journey, her donkey booty in a thong. But when she was bad, boy, did things get dark. We can’t forget her crusade against Kenya Moore, calling her a “whore” every chance she got, based on lies from her ex-husband Apollo Nida. And the nail in the coffin was when she spread horrible rumors about Kandi Burrus and Todd Tucker, claiming they were planning to drug and rape Porsha Williams. While Miss Phaedra might have no regrets from her time on RHOA, she probably should have a few.

As an RHOA cast shakeup is imminent, fans have been talking about who they’d like to see added back to the show. Phaedra and OG Sheree Whitfield’s names have been thrown around quite a bit. And to be honest, I was rooting for Phaedra. I miss her hilarious reads and her adorable children on my TV. But her actions are unjustifiable and she needs to put in the work to earn a return. And based on some of her recent social media activity, it’s not exactly looking like Phaedra is ready to sit back, listen and learn. Unfortunately.

So it all started when an Instagram account posted an ignorant statement about openly gay rapper Lil Nas X, captured by a fan on Twitter. Lil Nas X received heat after this year’s BET Awards for a provocative performance, ending with him kissing one of his male backup dancers.

One Instagram user @darealsupabihh posted their tone-deaf opinions about the musician. “As gave men we have to do better ! @lilnasx CAN YOU START USING YOUR PLATFORM TO EDUCATE KIDS ABOUT HIV AIDS AND STDS? CAUSE GURL WE GET IT, YOUS A WOMAN NOW.” Gross. Also, is it Lil Nas X’s responsibility to teach sex ed to other people’s children? No. It’s his job to entertain and he’s doing such.


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Unfortunately, Phaedra showed her bad side in the comments. She responded “#FACTS” with three yelling emojis in the comments. Girl what? She said it with her chest too. Phaedra is known for not always saying the right thing at the right time, but this is just unnecessary for her to even comment on.

Fans in the comments section were not happy to see one of their fav RHOA ladies agree with such an uneducated opinion. “You’re co-signing this? Wow…” one fan wrote. “Miss Phaedra … I love you so much, but this ain’t it. Please don’t co-sign this homophobic mindset,” another commented. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]