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Golnesa Gharachedaghi Slams Kelly Dodd As An Insecure Bully; Kelly Says She Doesn’t Know Her; GG Claps Back

Whew. Is that the heat wave? Or just the slow burn of a social media dumpster fire? The Real Housewives of Orange County casting announcement has set the entire internet ablaze. Kelly Dodd has been dethroned from her previous status as a top-tier problematic Housewife. Now she’s just a regular ignorant person married to a former Fox News anchor.

So far, Kelly’s had no luck getting anyone on her side of things . That includes her former fans and former Bravo family! Since her firing, Kelly has been slinging mud in any direction she can hoping something will stick. Pathetic, but unsurprising, really. Honestly I’m surprised she’s not more comfortable around “herd thinning.”

We all love a good Bravo crossover. It’s why fans clamor to a literal Bravo-con! Often times, the Bravo-family is thick as thieves, showing up for one another in times of need. But every family has it’s issues, and the Bravo fam is no different. After the announced firing of KellyGolnesa Gharachedaghi took to social media to share her inside thoughts. This Shahs of Sunset star is known to let it rip and not back down. The same could also be said about Kelly. Let’s see how this turns out…

Page Six caught some of the comments made by GG. When a fan mentioned that “[Kelly Dodd] was doing the most,” GG didn’t miss an opportunity to go in for the kill. GG wrote, “I agree! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of f–k ups, but there needs to be growth and some change towards a better good. I don’t like insecure bullies who thrive off of belittling others. Out with the a** and in with the class!” Bloop!

Unsurprisingly, the former-Bravoleb Kelly didn’t take well to the hate. She made a comment of her own and declared, “I don’t know who this woman is.” She added, “I don’t watch that show.” Kelly then referred to GG, a current Bravolebrity, as just another “hater.”


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Kelly continued the pot-meet-kettle moment saying, “Unfortunately, there are a lot of haters in the world.” She added, “Fortunately, I get far more love than hate. I choose to focus on the thousands and thousands of well-wishes and messages of support I’ve already received today.” Bring me those receipts!

Golnesa went back in for more after that, posting a video message to her Instagram. Her caption read, “Since you said you’ve never heard of me @kellyddodd allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Golnesa but sometimes it’s Lochnesa. The ‘sometimes’ is up to you. Now come meet me at the karma cafe, today’s special is humble pie. #Shahs #Bravo” Okay!

In her video message Golnesa went for the neck. She let Kelly know that her lack of Bravo-family awareness was probably part of the reason for her firing. She then said, “I’ve been on Bravo a long time before you, and guess what, I’m gonna be on a long time after you.” FACTS. ONLY. She continued the strut with, “I’m an OG of my show, I’m a starter of my show, and I will be a closer of my show. It won’t be the other way around. Believe that Miss Dodd. Enjoy your Fox News life.” (Yea, this video was recorded back when Rick Leventhal was employed, Throwback! Time is flying.)


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Is anyone else wishing RHOC had reads like this more often? Prayers Heather Dubrow brings us back to the golden era.

GG wasn’t done with Kelly after the verbal take down, though. She then shared another post to Instagram. In this one, she resurrected a clip from a past RHOC reunion episode. In the video Andy Cohen asked Kelly which non-Housewife show on Bravo she would like to be on, if forced to pick. Hilariously, she picks Shahs of Sunset! You can’t make this stuff up!
Of course, never-silent Kelly shot back AGAIN! In a post shared by @tasteof_reality, Kelly plays the reunion clip shared by GG and then begins her defense rant. She argues that she never said she didn’t watch the show. She adds, “This [reunion] was 5 years ago, I haven’t seen [Shahs] since.” She also lets on that her literacy skills are buried in the trash with her manners. Kelly added, “I don’t know who this goo-girl is, goulash, or whatever her name is. DON’T KNOW HER!”
I mean Kelly, literally the entire post your responding to posted by GG detailed her name as Golnessa and/or Lochnessa. Keep up, please. Instead, Kelly doubled-down saying, “Good luck, lady! I don’t know who you are. Sorry!”
At one point, Kelly also referred to GG as “both deaf AND dumb.” (Gentle reminder that she just failed to read Golnesa’s phonetically spelled name! Again with the pot-kettle twist!) While I’m glad to share this story of Kelly showing her whole ass, I honestly can’t wait to be done writing about her forever. GG posted a picture of the ableist quote and read Kelly for filth once again on Instagram.
This time Golnesa’s caption took it there. She wrote, “Wow! I am in awe. To ridicule my culture by assassinating my name, is an example of racism. But to make fun of someone’s physical disability is simply inhumane. On behalf of myself and all of the millions of other people suffering from the inability to hear sounds, I apologize for showing this post, but enough is enough! Let the world see what the truth is about some people. Yeah I’m nearly deaf. I read lips and wear hearing aids in both ears. And my name is Golnesa Gharachedaghi!” LET. THEM. KNOW!
Listen, I get GG isn’t exactly a fan-favorite much of the time, but she has spoken nothing but straight facts this entire exchange. A broke clock and all that. Meanwhile, Kelly has been slid over to the #notbravorelated category until further notice. Bye, then.
[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]