Wendy Osefo Says She’s “Too Booked And Busy” To Unfollow Gizelle Bryant On Instagram

There was an atmospheric big chill happening at Wendy Osefo’s Nude Interlude” party, and it had nothing to do with the distance due north to Wendy’s house or the fact there was snow on the ground.  It was spillage from last season of Real Housewives of Potomac.  And since this marked the first time the ladies congregated in awhile, leftover drama was bound to come up.  It may not have been addressed, but it was festering in the room.

A well-timed GI issue kept Candiace Dillard home, while newbie Mia Thornton was introduced to the group as Karen Huger’s friend.  The rest of the ladies with residual issues from Season 5 were finally face to face.  And while some conflicts were clearly on display, other issues have yet to come up and it’s only through the world of social media that us RHOP know that there is some juicy drama to anticipate.

Word on the street, season after season, is that Karen and Gizelle Bryant don’t trust each other, especially after Karen’s comments from the reunion.  Gizelle is already eyeing Mia as a rival because of her association with her enemy.  Hostess Wendy made some strides with Karen, but is still wary of Potomac’s very own Grande Dame.

Mia seemed to have been planted there to deflect from all these issues.  The ladies focused on getting to know her, and Wendy’s new assets, while avoiding the herd of elephants in the room.  But we know trouble is a-brewing because Gizelle unfollowed Wendy on social media in early May.  She claimed her co-star was not “interesting.”  At the time, Wendy gave a cryptic response, but now she is responding very clearly.  She also spilled some tea to Entertainment Tonight in the process regarding a potential fallout between herself and Gizelle.


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Apparently, Wendy and Gizelle had a huge fight, and Wendy was the aggressor.  She explained, “I mean, if someone read me and dragged me for filth the way I did her, I would unfollow them, too.  I’m not mad. She shouldn’t follow me. Imagine me saying what I said to her and she still follows me? So yeah, she did the right thing.”

Imagine what transpired between these two ladies?  Chances are, it had to do with the rumors concerning Wendy’s husband Eddie Osefo.  Perhaps Gizelle breathed life into these rumors and Wendy came after her.  Whatever they argued over, it wasn’t enough motivation for Wendy to reciprocate the social media rejection.  “Imagine me typing in her name to hit unfollow,” she said, “maybe eventually, sometime in the future when I have time. But right now I am too booked and busy to type her name in my phone. But thank you for giving me the honor of typing my name in your phone.”


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]