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Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Son Michael Wolfsmith’s Dig At Steve Lodge’s Run For Governor Of California

There’s no doubt that Vicki Gunvalson has always been an unusual character since the dawn of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Her life revolves around selling insurance, embarrassing her kids, and drinking martinis with blue cheese olives, in that order. It is literally her onus to be a pot-stirrer that cannot help but spread rumors. And she doesn’t care who it affects —  whether it’s her BFF Tamra Judge or her fellow fired frenemy Kelly Dodd. Even if she put her foot in her mouth, the gossip would find a way to escape her.

While Vicki has definitely made questionable decisions throughout her time on RHOC, she’s the OG of the OC. Well, before she left after being demoted in Season 14 and having a major meltdown aimed at Bravo producers. And she’s just so goofy. She’s prone to screaming and being clumsy as hell. She’s always been desperate to keep her love tank full, even if she prioritized work over everything else. Vicki is a legend in her own right, despite her ungraceful downfall.

And if you haven’t heard, Vicki might be in the running to be the First Lady of the state of California. No, I’m not kidding and this isn’t some weird fever dream. Her fiance Steve Lodge is running for governor in the state. No wonder he wanted Vicki to tone done her whooping it up and stop dancing on the bar at Andale’s. But not everyone was excited to hear the news — particularly Vicki’s son Michael Wolfsmith. No word on what OG Real Housewives kid Briana Culberson thinks, but something tells me she’s not too excited either.

Michael recently made a comment that he hoped his mom wasn’t paying for the “disaster” that is Steve’s campaign. He knows better than anyone that Vicki is prone to funding her boyfriends’ bad decisions, including a whole new set of chompers for a cancer scammer. And Vicki recently spoke on the Slut Pig Podcast to explain how she felt seeing Michael’s lack of support on social media.


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“He’s so protective over me,” Vicki said, according to RealityBlurb. “And after what I went through with [Donn Gunalson] and [Brooks Ayers], he’s just very protective.” OK we all know Brooks is the worst, but what exactly did Donn do to swindle Vicki? I get divorce is never easy, but Justice For Donn and his easygoing ways.

Vicki goes on to explain that she told Michael she’s not financially contributing to the campaign but will be giving her time to help. Which includes hopping on an RV with her fiance for a state-wide tour. At least, it better be an RV and not a little family van. “I’m just so proud of him. He’s up against a lot of wealthy people but they don’t have a message and he does,” she said of Steve. “I think he’s going to win.” Alright Vickster, we know you just want to be the Queen B of not only the OC, but all of Cali. But this is a stretch.

Vicki did defend Michael’s comment because she admitted that she didn’t even tell HER CHILDREN that Steve was going to run for office. “It wasn’t malicious. It was just like, ‘What?,” she said. “[Michael] just said, ‘I hope she doesn’t fund it.’ And that wasn’t bad. It hurt Steve’s feelings but at the end of the day, he doesn’t want me to be taken for a ride again.”


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Let us not forget that Briana was telling Vicki THE ENTIRE TIME that Brooks was a freeloading scumbag. Yet, Vicki continued to pick her love tank being full rather than the serious concerns from her own family. Come on, girl, that was all on you.


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