Vicki Gunvalson’s Son Michael Wolfsmith Says “I Hope My Mom Isn’t Paying For This Disaster” In Response To Steve Lodge’s Bid For California Governor

Well, I guess some things don’t run in the family and we’ll call that a win for Vicki Gunvalson’s long-suffering son, Michael Wolfsmith. Being the child of the Real Housewives of Orange County alum has been an exercise in both patience and futility for Michael and sister, Briana Culberson. Vicki made no secret about wanting to be in every aspect of her kids’ life, until she had to choose between a man and her daughter and basically picked the guy.

Michael and Briana are trying to live under the radar and have geographically moved as far away from Vicki as possible. Michael now resides in Hawaii where Vick can’t just show up in bootleg jeans and do inverted keg stands with no warning. He does keep up with her antics via social media and has some thoughts about mommy’s fiancé running for Governor of California. Now Mike joins the rest of us in hoping much like Brooks Ayers’ teeth, Steve Chavez Lodge’s gubernatorial bid isn’t funded by the Bank of Vicki.

Mike and Briana grew up in front of a camera crew and that same crew tagged along with Mommie Dearest Vicki whenever she felt the need to annoy her children, which was often. As adults, Mike and Briana have their own lives, mostly free of screeching, and are no longer directly impacted by Vicki’s often questionable decision making skills. Unless Vicki starts dipping into the kids’ inheritance to pay for poorly-produced campaign advertising.

After Steve announced his intentions to “make California California again”, Andy Cohen decided to grant the Mazel of the Day honor upon Vicki and her man during Watch What Happens Live  and shared the clip to his Insta. Vicki, who has Google alerts and phone notifications on at all times commented, “Omg @bravoandy you nailed it.” Then Mike showed up and showed out. Once again Queens of Bravo worked for the people and shared a screenshot of the exchange on Twitter.


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Mike slyly slipped in the comment section and implied he probably won’t be voting for his possible future step daddy. Both Fake and Real Donn Gunvalson are wiping tears of joy because Mike has gone not so much to the Dark Side, but at least to the Snark Side. Underneath Vicki’s praise for Andy recognizing Steve’s political aspirations, Michael wrote, “Omg I can’t.” Could it be Mike doesn’t think Steve has the appropriate qualifications to lead an entire state and it’s population, or could it be… something else.

Alex (RIP) I’ll take Something Else for $1000, please. A follower responded to Mike with, “oh YES YOU CAN!” and Mike replied, “Hopefully my mother doesn’t fund this disaster!!” To be fair, Vick has a pretty vivid history of funding disasters like, oh, I don’t know, a deadbeat dad who needed a new mouth. Defunct vodka lines. Her latest engagement ring, just to name a few. Steve is probably financing the campaign with his own money but Vicki is generous when it comes to her full love tank. Mike just wants to make sure it’s Vicki’s wallet that doesn’t wind up on empty.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]