Braunwyn Windham-Burke And Sean Burke Explain $45k Rent Lawsuit; Landlord Disputes Claims It’s Been Resolved

Braunwyn Windham-Burke has loved to be the center of attention since she started on the Real Housewives of Orange County. After her first season spent crushing over Tamra Judge and making confusing statements about her background, she really dug her own grave last year. She started a journey to be sober, which some of her RHOC co-stars were skeptical about. She also came out as a lesbian and is now dating Tammy Sue’s old pal Fernanda Rocha. And to the shock of no one, she and Sean Burke are finally trying trial separation. Because Sean honestly needs to be with someone who doesn’t hit him and appreciates his statement necklaces for what they are.

Thankfully, Braunwyn won’t be returning to RHOC alongside Kelly Dodd. Heather Dubrow is coming back to save the show. And Braunwyn is grasping at straws to try to remain relevant (which may or may not include calling the paparazzi on herself). And on top of losing her job and potentially her husband, Sean and Braunwyn were recently sued over a $45,000 rental dispute. Trouble in OC paradise is an understatement.

After the news broke, Boringwyn and Sean both took to the press to explain what happened. Sean spoke to Page Six saying that although his wife was named in the suit, she’s “not involved in this matter at all.” There he goes again, defending Braunwyn. But it’s clear when it comes to finances, that’s more Sean’s wheelhouse. Brauny just likes spending it. “It has been made clear repeatedly that I am in control of all financial matters, which includes rent. We were both unaware of a civil case filing until it was published online,” Sean said. See what I mean?

Sean stated that the matter is actually a maximum of $7,500 due to a substantial security deposit at the Newport Beach home. He said it seems easy to resolve, but his former landlord wasn’t so sure. In a statement to Peoplethe owner of the home Karen Ogden says there’s no resolution of any lawsuit. “There is a court date in August in fact,” Ogden said. “They are living a lie.” That’s definitely not the first time we’ve heard that about Braunwyn before.


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In the People story, Braunwyn also brushed off the suit, blaming her status as a “public figure.” OK, I just spit out my drink. This girl is as delusional as Kelly. Thankfully they’re both off the show ahead of next season. Braunwyn claimed she wasn’t sure what happened but alleges that everything has been taken care of. That’s quite a different tune than the landlord, but we know how Braunwyn can be.

Braunwyn added that they were never served with papers, but Ogden did give the couple an eviction notice on June 16 of this year.  “My best guess is — because if you had come to my house three weeks ago we hadn’t packed one thing — that they were scared we weren’t moving out,” she said. “In California, you can’t legally evict anyone right now.” To be fair, it seems like months of work to pack up a move a family of 9 people. So if the landlord was spooked, it sounds like for good reason.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]