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Braunwyn Windham-Burke Confirms Relationship With Fernanda Rocha

FORMER Real Housewives of Orange County star Braunwyn Windham-Burke is probably having the best and worst week of her life, considering all the attention she’s getting. She and Kelly Dodd were (finally) fired from the show alongside Elizabeth Lyn Vargas. And Kelly is putting Boringwyn on blast, blaming her for their exit. Typical Kelly, not seeing how her horrible behavior turned the fans all the way off, especially after last season. And while Braunwyn is definitely NOT taking the news well, she knows better than anyone that any press is good press.

Braunwyn, in the meantime, has been saying yes to any and every interview she’s asked to do, to milk the end of her RHOC 15-minutes of fame. She was upset to get the boot after she wanted to show herself as a “different person” next year. Sounds like she had plenty of plans to continue to turn her life upside down for TV. And to make matters worse for her, it’s rumored that Brauny’s old BFF is taking her spot on the show. That’s gotta hurt the paparazzi-loving mom of seven.

Last season, Braunwyn was doing the most while battling her sobriety and coming out as a lesbian. She lashed out at Sean Burke and created quite a few double standards. Such as having a girlfriend on the side but not wanting Sean to find someone else *eyeroll*. But she and her first girlfriend Kris broke up and she’s got a new woman in her life — who is a blast from RHOC past.

Entertainment Online reports that Braunwyn has confirmed she is “definitely dating” Fernanda Rocha. “We have been hanging out,” she said. Yes, the Fernanda that had the hots for Tamra Judge. And the one who allegedly had a fleeting romance with Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This girl knows how to get around. And she seems to have no problem with Sean and Braunwyn’s unusual relationship, considering rumor has it they got together while going through a divorce.


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Tammy Sue played match-maker with these two lovebirds. But Braunwyn dispelled rumors about the questionable timing of their relationship. “There have been some rumors about when we went from being friends to a little bit more than friends. It was after she got divorced so there’s nothing salacious like happening. We’ve been hanging out for a while. We didn’t become more than friends until recently,” she said. Well, how convenient is that?

Who knows if Fernanda was looking for an RHOC comeback through Braunwyn, but it looks like she’s lost the chance. “I would have loved to showcase a healthy, lesbian relationship,” Braunwyn said. “I think it’s way past time.” If Gretchen Rossi and Vicki Gunvalson were confused about Braunwyn’s sexuality before, they’re definitely totally lost by now.


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Even though she and Fernanda are in a relationship, she doesn’t have plans to divorce Sean anytime soon. “We’re not fighting. We’re getting along … We have been together 26 years so we’re not in any rush to get divorced. Eventually, maybe one of us will want to get remarried and of course that would happen. For me, this is the reality version of modern family,” Braunwyn said. Again, did anyone ask Sean what he thinks about the terms of his marriage being flipped upside down thanks to Braunwyn’s TV stint? At least buy the man a diamond-encrusted statement necklace or something, Brauny. He’s at least earned that for putting up with this. 

While Braunwyn’s previously said she would be heartbroken if Sean fell in love with someone else, she’s apparently over that now. “I would love for Sean to find someone,” she said. “What I have with Fernanda is what I want him to have with someone else. It took me a while to get there, but we’ve been together for 26 years.”


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Braunwyn continued to gush about Fernanda, who he says taught her about compromise for the first time even though she’s been with Sean since she was 18-YEARS-OLD. Poor Sean. She added that Fernanda is a “very steady, very spiritual, very level-headed force.” I need Tamra to get on Instagram Live immediately to spill the tea behind this new relationship.


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