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Gizelle Bryant Claims Monique Samuels’ Binder Brought Her Closer To Jamal Bryant

Gizelle Bryant’s dating history has always raised eyebrows since the beginning of the Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle is a beautiful and successful single woman, who seems to attract men who, frankly, aren’t worthy of her. If you asked Karen Huger, she’d blame it on her “fiery box” (whatever that means). However, it just seems as though Gizzy can’t find Mr. Right. And maybe that’s why she has no problem going around and talking about her co-stars’ marriages. Can I get an amen, Wendy Osefo? 

Gizelle’s latest man was a blast from her past — Jamal Bryant, the father of her daughters. Yes, Pastor Holy Whore. Otherwise known as Jamal Who Lives In The Phone. The second Gizzy took him back, everyone had their guard up. Jamal doesn’t have the best track record of, well, keeping it in his pants (allegedly). And after his failure to show up for Gizzy literally last season, the validity of their entire relationship came into question. We should’ve listened to the Grand Dame all along.

At the beginning of this season of RHOP, Gizelle announced that she and Jamal called it quits again. If they were ever really dating in the first place. And while she blamed the coronavirus pandemic for splitting them apart, most people were quick to question if the tea Monique Samuels spilled out of her binder at the last reunion had anything to do with their split. And on Watch What Happens Live this week, Andy Cohen wasted no time to ask Gizzy about it, point-blank.

“I didn’t blame it on COVID,” Gizelle said. PRODUCTION, can I get a playback? “I said what it was we can’t really see each other.” Frankly, even when there wasn’t a global pandemic, Jamal wasn’t quick to jump on a plane to see his family.

Gizelle then went on to explain that Monique’s revelations from her binder somehow brought her and Jamal closer together. Even though, I repeat, they literally BROKE UP after the reunion. “We talked about it. He felt so bad about it. It was kind of a great moment for us, I hate to say that, but it allowed us to talk about some things we hadn’t talked about,” Gizelle said.


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She then added that the information Moni brought to the reunion was “old news” and they had already talked about that. If it was old news, why did Pastor Holy Whore send Monique a cease and desist? And Gizzy’s face at the reunion said otherwise, but whatever she wants to tell herself.

Andy was just a confused as the rest of us, asking what was the new information they talked about if it wasn’t Jamal’s alleged infidelity from the binder. “Meaning, he hated to see me have to go through that amongst the millions,” she said. Gizelle is so calculated with her words to defend a man who has a reputation for being unfaithful.

Why does she protect him so hard? I get he’s the father of her kids, but even they didn’t like their parents getting back together. Girl, you’re too pretty to not only put up with this nonsense, but then go on to make excuses for it.


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