Real Housewives Of Atlanta Production Reportedly Pushed Back Amid Low Ratings And Rumored Cast Shakeup

The Real Housewives of Atlanta feels like it’s on life support. The storylines are weak. The peaches feel rotten. It’s a whole mess. The last few seasons have been highly disappointing from a viewer standpoint. Casting is questionable. The group dynamic is off. There are several things to complain about when it comes to the ATL edition of Housewives. FIX IT.

What we do know, is the cast desperately needs a makeover. Whatever that looks like is up to production, but something needs to take place. Atlanta used to bring in the ratings, but now it’s bringing in the snores. If production doesn’t make an effort to fix something (and soon), viewers might turn their backs for good. They can only get away with just so many disastrous seasons before people are done. Luckily for fans, production might be listening to us after all.

According to The Jasmine Brandproduction has been pushed back with a cast shakeup in the works. An insider stated, “the ratings weren’t the best this past season, so they need to do something to help get more viewers.” Of course, the ratings were in the toilet! Half of the season went by before the group even filmed as a whole.

Production can’t expect people to tune in when they’re dropping the ball every episode. There’s no excuse for it taking as many episodes as it did for the group to film together. The pandemic can’t even be blamed because other cities have done just fine with those conditions.

When it comes to the rumored cast shakeup it’s reported that, “Porsha Williams is “seriously considering” leaving the show for good while veterans Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss are said to be returning. Cynthia Bailey is also reportedly leaving, and there have been ongoing rumors of a potential comeback from Sheree Whitfield.”

That’s certainly a lot to unpack, but some of those possible decisions are best for business. If Porsha refuses to engage with Kenya moving forward, why even be on the show? Let her continue to think she’s above the show and can carry her own program. All of the “Porsha-led” seasons have been horrendous to watch, but give her what she wants.

Kenya & Kandi both know how to keep the stories moving, so it makes sense for them to return. Kenya is the ultimate Housewives villain, and she plays her part unapologetically. She’s not so much a villain as she is honest. She’s going to be messy and speak her mind. Deal with it.


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Nobody on the entire planet or any other is upset about the possible loss of Cynthia. She serves iconic looks, but that’s about it. We spent way too long on her wedding planning last season. What was the point? The show didn’t film her super spreader-style nuptials, so it was a waste. So long!

Who gon write Sheree a check boo? Atlanta NEEDS Sheree. She’s hilarious and messy, and she understands the assignment. It’s worth bringing her back just for her confessionals and one-liners. It’s what the people want. Do they not care what the viewers think?

The final nugget of news stated, “Season 13 newcomers Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali will allegedly not be on the show this season, but there’s reportedly a chance that Marlo Hampton will finally get her peach.” It was nice knowing you Drew! She’ll be remembered for bad wigs and a douchebag (but hot) husband. Drew never truly fit in with the group.

LaToya leaving, hurts. She was unafraid to come into this group of women and stir things up. That’s the type of woman we need for this franchise. We don’t need snoozefest long-time cast members that don’t want to engage or work for their check. Enough is enough.


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Shout out to Marlo though for coming this close to finally getting her peach. Sometimes it feels like the production on these shows takes advantage of those in the “friend” role. She deserves this!


[Photo Credit Heidi Gutman/Bravo]